Little girl plays with gigantic snake in viral video, leaves netizens in shock- Watch


New Delhi: A shocking video of a little girl playing with a gigantic snake is going viral on social media platforms. The video features a cute little girl wearing a red T-shirt, pants and blue sandals. 

It is likely that the clip, which sent shockwaves around the internet, was shot outside her house. At the starting of the video, the toddler can be seen chilling outside a house, when a python appears out of the blue.

This is when the camera pans out and reveals that the little girl is just calmly playing with the gigantic snake as if he was a well-trained pet. 

Watch the video here: 

The netizens were stunned to see how fearlessly the toddler played with the python. As soon as the video was posted on the internet it went crazy viral and has garnered over 91,000 views till now.

The users praised and appreciated the little girl for her brave heart. One user wrote, “Wow great….. Impressive from support india.” 

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