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Lockdown Recipe: These Homemade Potato Chips Taste Just Like The Store-Bought Ones


One thing we realized amidst the lockdown is cooking can be fun and engaging. It was, in fact, one of the major modes of entertainment during the 2020 lockdown. People started spending more time in their kitchens and kept experimenting with different types of recipes. We have also seen home-cooks elevating to skilled chefs during this phase. Internet was overloaded with pictures of many such homemade delicacies – pizza, jalebi, breads and panipuri being the most common ones. Since we are back to that same lockdown phase (in most of the states), we feel, it is time to explore our inner chef yet again. You have to agree- making a dish from the scratch has its own share of fun and excitement. Besides, it will also help us keep busy and positive amidst the adversities and negative news around.

Here we bring you one such lockdown special recipe that might look basic but is a popular choice among all. It’s a bowl of light and crispy potato chips. Munch it as is or pair with dal-chawal or burger and sandwich – you can enjoy a packet of potato chips in multiple ways. If you ask us, we love how versatile this simple fried food is. Hence, we decided to look for a recipe and try to make it at home.

During the search, we came across one such potato chips recipe that is not only easy to make but also reminded us of the store-bought ones. All you need for this recipe are potato and salt. That’s it. Let’s find out the recipe:

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You can pair these potato chips with anything and everything

How To Make Potato Chips At Home:

For this particular recipe, we need to first slice the potatoes very thin. You can use a potato slicer to do the job. Then boil water in a large pan, with some salt and add those sliced potatoes in it. Then let the water boil once again. Once done, drain the water, pat the potatoes dry and place then under the sun until they turn hard, crispy and dry.

All you need to do now is store the potato slices in an airtight container and fry/bake in oil whenever you want. A bowlful of classic sated potato chips will be ready in just no time.

Click here for the detailed recipe.

Prepare these potato chips at home and keep then handy for anytime use.

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