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London Chef Refused To Close Restaurant In Lockdown, Here’s Why


The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses and industries across the world. Among the hardest hit has been the restaurant and hospitality sector, which is still reeling from the effect of the past year. The restaurant industry has come forward to help those in need during the times of the pandemic. In spite of suffering losses, the spirit of doing good is still intact among eateries across the globe. This can be seen in the thinking of a fourth-generation Indian restaurateur, who kept his Covent Garden restaurant open even when the city was in lockdown.

The Punjab restaurant at Covent Garden recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. It specialises in North Indian cuisine and was founded by Gurbachan Singh Maan. Rather than keeping the restaurant functioning as normal, present generation owner Amrit Maan decided to cook meals for the needy and provide supplies to food banks. “I made a conscious decision not to close. For us Covent Garden is a village, it’s a community. I just refuse to have the kitchens closed. It doesn’t make sense. It gives you hope,” he said.

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Thus, Amrit Maan moved out of his family home to stay at the restaurant in order to keep his parents from getting infected. Seven of the forty staff members stayed at the premises to help Maan’s mission. Many volunteers in London also found a calling in the noble cause of providing food to the homeless.

Maan has presently provided over 100,000 meals to the homeless and about 50,000 to food banks. “You could sit at home and just shut the curtains and watch TV but I knew I was sitting on a blessed asset our kitchens are industrial kitchens. We have been helping the homeless for three or four years.”

Thus, the business has also never shut its kitchens in its entire history. What did you think of the heartwarming gesture by the restaurant? Tell us in the comments below.


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