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“May Be Last Good Morning,” Doctor Posted, Died Of Covid Hours Later


'May Be Last Good Morning,' Doctor Posted, Died Of Covid Hours Later

Dr Manisha Jadhav died only 36 hours after posting a farewell message on Facebook.

Mumbai: A 51-year-old Mumbai doctor died of COVID-19 late on Monday night merely hours after posting a parting message on Facebook. Dr Manisha Jadhav was the Chief Medical Officer at Sewri TB Hospital in the city.

On Sunday, Dr Jadhav, a tuberculosis specialist, made a post on Facebook indicating that she may not survive.  


Some 36 hours later, she was dead.

Several doctors and health care professionals have been posting social media messages, expressing their anguish at the unfolding events in the wake of the pandemic and also warning others against dropping their guard.  

“We are helpless…never seen such a situation before…people are panicking…” another traumatised Mumbai physician, Dr Trupti Gilada, said in a video message that went viral yesterday.

Driven to tears by the overwhelming tide of Covid-positive patients, she said, “I am heart-broken. Maybe if I tell you what worries me…if I can help you understand, I might be more at peace.”


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