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Meet Sarvesh Shrivastava: A small town boy who made it BIG in Digital Marketing


Bill Gates once referred to the Internet as the town square for the global village of tomorrow. However, still not many are familiar with the growth and business potential it has, except a few!

Meet Sarvesh Shrivastav, a modern-day Digital Marketer, whose name is synonymous with success in the Affiliate Marketing and SEO industry.

Using the internet as a tool to grow, Sarvesh has been able to grow hundreds of blogs to five figure dollars of recurring revenue through Affiliate marketing and Display advertising. And not only that, but Sarvesh specializes in flipping those sites for a decent sum.

One of the Affiliate sites he built was recently sold for 45X of its monthly revenue adding another feather to his cap.

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” This mantra of Warren Buffet has been the inspiration behind Sarvesh creating his first blog and it’s the mantra that continues to inspire him every day!

Sarvesh believes that SEO is the SINGLE most crucial skill a Digital Marketer must master to be successful and that’s what he plans to teach for free on his blogs and to those who want to get in this industry!

One piece of advice that Sarvesh firmly advocates is producing quality content. “One of the main issues I see with new bloggers is their focus is on money rather than providing value to their readers. I strongly believe that if you focus on learning and executing, earnings will follow. But if the focus is on earnings from the start, chances of success fall drastically in any walk of life including SEO!”

Upon being asked in an interview what Sarvesh considers as quality content, he mentioned that he believes the focus of any page should be to help the reader either in making a purchase decision or in imparting knowledge of a topic.

“Write what you would have wanted to read if you were the one searching for that topic. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and you will have all the answers you need!”

Sarvesh also believes that there couldn’t be a better time to get started with Blogging and SEO. Jio revolution has led to a major boom in the number of Internet users and the dependency on the Internet is only going to grow in the future, added Sarvesh.

Talking about the earnings potential of SEO, Sarvesh said excitedly that “There is practically no upper limit on how much one can earn with SEO. I have several friends who gave up high-paying jobs (over 2 lakh per month salary) and became full-time SEO because they were able to achieve much better earnings being their own boss.”

“However, it is initially a complex task to earn as much money as in a full-time job but once you master SEO, you can generate recurrent revenues that are higher than the salary from a day job. I have witnessed a number of people having this experience.”, Sarvesh added.

Sarvesh’s first major success was ranking for a search term having 10 million monthly search volume, him over five-figure dollars per month, which showed him the real earning potential SEO had.

“It took some time to find the search term and roughly 6 months to rank for it from the scratch but everything was worth it when it paid back as a recurring revenue stream.”

“Today with Advertising and Affiliate rates being the highest they have ever been, it’s not very tough to replace your day job with a full-time income from SEO. Adsense, Amazon Affiliate, Shareasale, AdThrive are some major networks that have helped me and other SEOs make millions in revenue.”, says Sarvesh.

“One major factor that differentiates SEO from any traditional business is the multiple at which you can sell your business. Several online marketplaces facilitate the selling process of sites for 25-30x of their monthly revenue, which means you can get 3 years’ worth of the revenue at once. Amazing isn’t it?!”, said Sarvesh excitedly.

Just like any entrepreneur, Sarvesh started solo. But fast forward to today, he has a dedicated team of 15 people and multiple freelancers who work from him remotely.

Sarvesh believes that programming skills aren’t a necessity to start a blog. With very easy-to-use platforms like WordPress, one can simply start a blog without having any knowledge of programming.

Which topic should one create a blog on? Sarvesh says, “Make sure to choose a topic that you have a real interest in. Don’t choose a topic just because it seems lucrative. Because after a point when the initial enthusiasm is over, it’s your passion for the topic that will keep you focused. Also, along with passion, one must make sure that the niche has earning potential”

Can anyone be successful in SEO? Sarvesh says, “When I got my first breakthrough in SEO, I was in standard 10th. So, if a class X kid could do it, anyone can do it! Just make sure you are as dedicated to this field as you would be in any other profession and there is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed.”

Search Engine Optimisation indeed seems like the way to the future as our reliability increases more and more on the Internet. Entrepreneurs like Sarvesh are showing the way to be successful by riding the wave of the Internet!

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