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Meet The Real Face Behind DaReal Media


Accounts like “Rosa Iris”, “Atuedad” and “PiolaDitingacia” are among many accounts that are being supervised by DaReal Media, standing tall at 142K followers.

A large portion of their followers consists of those who follow the influencers set by the DaReal Media on various platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram.

Taking a deeper dive into this company’s working, we get to know that the person behind is a one-man-army. Helping people and giving them a headstart on their career. Over the years, the company has grown into a strong firm.

Inspiring influencers with his ideas and work, out of which many have proved a great success, DaReal Media rarely disappoints.

Keeping his face out of the reach of cameras, he manages to make influencers the face of every brand, commercials and whatnot. The influencers supervised by him in the US have grossed over a million followers with the count going up each day.

Accounts like “Pio La Ditingancia” with 13.7 million followers, “Miketokz” raking in 6 million followers and “Rosa Iris” with more than 1.2 million followers truly show his exemplary work achieved in under six months. Also showing the trust they had in the mysterious man.

The man behind the success of these influencers revealed that he does not want any fame. In turn, he wants to help people, people who are ready to give it all. He does not want to steal these influencer’s thunder and to let them stand out.

Managing influencers and providing the needy with basic necessities of life goes hand in hand for DaRealMedia. The firm also gives the deprived a share of what life bestows upon them. Even if he hides his face, the fact that he is a down to earth kind of person is not well hidden.

Growing exponentially over the years, the DaRealMedia continues to give people income opportunities in this time of crisis, a recent project being an example. “QAAR” provided taxi applications, with drivers keeping 100% of what they earn. Unlike many other companies who take 60% of what the keeper makes..

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