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Mumbai Man Provides Home-Cooked Meals For 200 COVID Patients


Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts and nutritionists have stressed the importance of eating healthy, home-cooked meals during these testing times. A well-balanced meal prepared at home may help keep diseases and infections at bay. But how to go about cooking at home when one is infected with the virus? Several individuals and groups are coming forward to provide homemade food. Rajiv Singal, a Mumbai-based businessman, is providing two meals a day to 200 home-isolated patients and their families.

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Rajiv Singal came up with the idea when he himself tested positive last year. He then subscribed to a food delivery service called Asha’s Kitchen, which is the same service he has collaborated with now. He told ANI about how he came up with the inspiration for his noble initiative.”My whole family was hospitalised due to COVID last year. After being discharged we were home-quarantined. Our neighbour helped us with food but we did not get that taste and hygiene. So we decided to do help people who face such issues,” Singal said. “While my family and I were quarantined, we started ordering food from Asha’s Kitchen. We were satisfied with its taste, hygiene, and service provided by them. This is why I choose it for helping others,” he added.

The team at Asha’s Kitchen starts preparing food as early as 4 am, and often works till late at night. The food is provided in airtight jars and properly packaged so as to avoid spillage. It can also be customised as per the patients’ preferences. The owner of Asha’s Kitchen, Asha Bhartiya, said that there is absolutely no difference in the meals provided to people who are healthy and those who are COVID patients.

Talking about how his initiative came into being, Mr Rajiv Singal said, “We circulated the message through the social media. The home quarantined COVID patients contact me with their details. The people registered with us will be proved a two-time meal 14 days. If they want to extend the service, they can give us prior notice.”

What an incredible way to help out the people in need in these testing times. What did you think of this heart-warming gesture? Tell us in the comments below.


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