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Need to go for sex: Strange e-pass request leaves Kerala Police shocked, here’s what happened next


Kannur: India is witnessing the second wave of coronavirus. This wave is proving to be much more severe as compared to the first one. Various state governments have imposed lockdown in order to curd down the infection. As lockdown has been imposed only essential services are exempted and people are advised to strictly stay indoors and followed the COVID guidelines. However, the government has allotted e-pass for the people who need to get help urgently. On a daily basis, authorities receive thousands of e-pass requests from citizens and travel is allowed only if the e-pass states a valid reason. However, one bizarre request received by Kerala police has grabbed eyeballs.

In an interesting event, a resident from Kannur’s Kannapuram applied for an e-pass in order to out for “sex”. According to a local media agency, the man wanted to visit Kannur in the evening. Needless to say, the police were surprised by the request application and even the Assistant Commissioner of Police has given the information about the incident. The Valapattanam police were then asked to locate the individual, who was brought to the station for interrogation.

When police asked about the reason mentioned on the application, the man answered that it was just typing mistake and as he had misspelt the word. He said that he actually wanted to write ‘six o clock’  instead of ‘sex’, and apologised for the same. Later, his apology was accepted by the officials and the man was released. The police also further instructed him to not apply for an e-pass for non-essential purposes.

We at Zee News request everyone to follow the COVID guidelines and do not go out without any essential reason. Stay indoors and and stay safe. 

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