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No Covaxin available for second doses to 45+ category after Monday: AAP MLA Atishi


New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s senior leader and MLA Atishi presented the vaccination bulletin through a video address on Sunday and stated that after Monday no Covaxin available for second doses for those in 45+ category. She appealed to the Central Govt to provide Covaxin, otherwise, the first dose will be wasted for many. 

“Entire Immunisation of 18-44 in Delhi will be temporarily shut after tomorrow (May 24) due to shortage of vaccines, no vaccines to be injected from Monday. After tomorrow, the ENTIRE vaccination programme for 18-44 will be temporarily stopped in all government schools,” she said. 

“50,85,703 vaccinated in Delhi, which proves that a large population has been inoculated because of Delhi’s high-speed vaccination programme, despite which, we are unable to further ramp it up because of shortage of vaccines,” the AAP MLA said. 

“Humble appeal to the Centre to supply vaccines at the earliest to Delhi as it has faced the most hardships during the pandemic. For 45+, healthcare/frontline workers, Covaxin’s stock left for less than 1 day, and Covishield’s stock remaining for 7 days. 44,676 vaccines administered on Saturday in Delhi. Nearly 11,51,356  people were fully vaccinated with both doses,” she added. 

Atishi said, “Yesterday, on the 22nd of May, 64,214 vaccines were administered. Out of this, nearly 44,676 people got their first dose, and 19,538 were inoculated with their second dose. Hence, the total doses administered has increased to more than 50,85,703 doses. Out of these, nearly 11,51,356 people have received both their shots and are fully vaccinated. This is a huge number and proves that a large degree of the population in Delhi has been inoculated because of its high-speed vaccination programme. However, despite this high-speed drive, we will have to shut down the vaccination for 18-44 from tomorrow because of the shortage of vaccines. Now, only vaccination for those above 45, healthcare/frontline workers will be held.”

Citing the position of stocks in Delhi, she said, “For those above 45 and healthcare/frontline workers, Covaxin’s stock is left for less than 1 day, and Covishield’s stock is remaining for 7 days. We have received 45,94,250 doses for this category, out of which, 43,79,070 have been utilised. This means, nearly 2,15,180 are still left with us. The stock for Covaxin remaining is only about 25,120 doses.”

“The latest stock for Covaxin received by the central government, has been used to inoculate people with the second dose since the past few days. First doses of Covaxin are not being immunised now. From tomorrow, second doses will also not be inoculated after tomorrow. This is a huge matter of concern, as those who were jabbed with the first dose a month back, are nearing the second dose. Supply for Covaxin has absolutely ended, and we don’t know when the next installment will come.”

“The Centre has committed to a supply of Covaxin in the month of June, but we don’t have any clarity on it as of yet. The efficacy of the vaccine remains only when the second dose is inoculated on a timely basis. Hence, it is a request to the Centre to supply Covaxin at the earliest,” Atishi said.

“Now, for youth between the 18-44 age bracket, we have been reiterating a number of times in the past few days that Covaxin’s stock is already over, and centres administering Covishield will be shut after tomorrow. We have received 8,17,690 doses for this segment, and out of which nearly 8,07,000 have been utilised,” she said. 

According to her, As of now, only about 10,500 doses are remaining until today morning. This means, after tomorrow, the entire vaccination programme for 18-44 will be temporarily stopped in all government schools, meaning they won’t be able to take the vaccines after today. The Centre must supply the vaccine quota for youth as soon as possible. 

“Delhi has faced a lot of adversities in these past couple of months because of Covid. The young lot has been affected a lot by COVID-19 in the second wave, have either been hospitalised in critical conditions or have even succumbed to the virus. Those who had gotten their vaccine shots had only mild infections. It is imperative to inoculate the youth. Not only that, we need to immunise our children as well and the centre must plan the vaccination for them at the earliest. We have observed in a number of states that children are getting infected in large numbers,” Atishi said.

“It is a humble appeal to the central government to supply vaccines at the earliest to Delhi, for the 18-44 segment, and Covaxin for the 45+ category. Delhi has faced a lot of hardships in the entire course of pandemic till now, in all the waves. Hence, it becomes all the more necessary to send the supply to Delhi as soon as possible,” she added.


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