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OtakuKart Is Uniting Indian Anime Communities


If you are an Anime fan from India, you know how you have been streaming your favorite Anime. As much as 90% of Indian Anime fans stream Anime on illegal streaming sites due to a lack of official streaming partners and services. The same goes for where Indian Anime fans get their information. The community has been divided into small sections of fans who maintain their own small channels for information. This scenario was worse back in the 2010s. Seeing this wide gap in community idea of Otakukart was born.

Otakukart was started in 2015 and now caters and delivers up-to-date information to millions of Anime fans. The Indian Based website serves as a go-to point for reliable information. The company now represents Indian Anime Community on a formal stage as the community never had a news and blogging website of their own, which would provide them with all the latest updates. At the same time, their western counterparts covered the whole internet. Otakukart now not only provides Otaku News but also provides top-notch information from Western Shows as well as Korean Drama.

The company has expanded into these domains to cater to the rising demand in the Indian fan base. But Otakukart doesn’t stop there; the company is also running an initiative through which they make sure their community is being taken care of. While talking to Vibhav Pandey, Managing Director of the company, we came to know Otakukart promotes Otaku & Geek Artists on their platforms. The company runs several campaigns and competitions to promote young and talented artists from the Indian Anime community on their Website, Instagram, and Facebook Page. Alongside supporting and funding successful ideas from Otaku Community. Otakukart also aims to Bring MNC to India to grow the Otaku Culture in India. Otakukart aims to have future tie-ups with Big Anime Studios, which will help Indian-Viewers legally watch their favorite Anime and the potential of having Anime Movies in Indian Theaters.

Vibhav also mentioned how during tough times company reached out to NGOs supporting them to provide FREE FOOD to the underprivileged section of society as the COVID-19 has left many lives damaged. The company helped in donating rice bags every month to families in need. India is home to 1.3 Billon people. Out of these people, more than 50% of Indians are younger than 25 years of age, and more than 65% are below 35 years. These young Indians have grown up watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, Pokemon, and Naruto, making Anime an integral part of their childhood and life. Otakukart aims to represent all of them.

Otakukart is a startup that is marking a dent on a global level showing how and what Indian Anime Community can do. While serving its true purpose of providing the right information, the company has given back to its people and community. From donating to helping and reducing carbon footprint, Otakukart is an Upcoming Indian Colossal media company to go tip-toe with western giants.

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