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Personal Hamraaz Web Login/Signup & Hamraaz App Payslip 2022

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The latest version of the Hamraaz Army App is 6.52. Check your payment and service information. Sign up for Hamraaz Web and download the Hamraaz App 2022. The Hamraaz Pay Slip Password can be downloaded in PDF format. Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Hamraaz Army App 2022, Download the latest version of Hamraaz Army App v6.52 APK (2022). How do I get the Army Hamraaz App on my iPhone? (ISO Device).

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Hamraaz App Download Latest Version 2022

Number Of Downloads:43533494
Current Version:7.1
Updated08-Jun-2020 11:22:56 AM
Min. Required Android Version:Android 5.0 – Lollipop & Above
Developer:Indian Army
Contact Info:9560641424

Download the most recent version of the Hamraaz Army App. Apk as well as Old Apk 7.1 7.0, 6.52, 6.51, 6.5, 6.0, 5.0, 4.5 3.6, 2.79, Service Toll-Free Number for Hamraaz Army App, Payslip Download, and Hamraaz App Signup: The Hamraaz Army App is a mobile application developed by Hamraaz Army. The Indian Army is beset by difficulties.

So I’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Hamraaz Army App. In this article, we shall learn about the most recent edition of the Hamraaz Army App. You can now easily get the hamraaz army app for free, and you can also learn how to download the newest version of the hamraaz army app for free.


[6] Download App.52] Hamraj’s Web Salary Pay Slip Web App Personal Login 2022 [Sign Up] Hamraaz Army App Payslip Password Hamraj’s Web Salary Pay Slip Web App Personal Login 2022 [Sign Up]. Download Hamraaz App Latest New Version 7.1 – Login (7.0)

Download Hamraaz Army App Apk Latest Version 7.1, 7.0: Hamraaz Web

Number Of Downloads:43533494
Current Version:7.1, 7.0
Updated08-Jun-2020 11:22:56 AM
Min. Required Android Version:Android 5.0 – Lollipop9 & Above
Developer:Indian Army
Contact Info:9560641424


Do you know how to use the Hamraaz App to open a payslip? If you don’t, take a close look at the page. You may find a direct link to the Hamraaz 6.52 Download App on this website. To download and install the mobile application, go to the hamraazweb portal.

The Hamraaz Mobile App for Android is now available. This application is for serving soldiers in the Indian Army. Here you will discover information on pay stubs and salary slips for Army soldiers. The Hamraaz Mobile Application is not available to civilians.

On the Google Play Store, Hamraaz Mobile Versions 6.52, 7.0, and 7.1 are now available. You can also scan the QR code on this page to get the app.


Latest Version6.52, 7.0, 7.1
Available forAndroid Phone
Hamraaz App forIndian Army Soldiers
App Available on
Official Login
Salary | Pay Calculator

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The Humraaz App is beneficial to soldiers.

As we all know, we now have access to internet services, so working offline will become less common. As a result, the army developed its own mobile application.

For security reasons, the installation of the application has been linked to the verification of Aadhar data. The National Information Centre will cross-check the Aadhar information with the army database (NIC). On their registered cellphone number, they will also receive a one-time password. An individual’s most current mobile number must be linked to their Aadhar number in order to use the Humraaz app.

qualifying requirements.

The following individuals are qualified to utilise the Hamraaz app and online payslip.

  • Only Indian Army soldiers are eligible to use this application.
  • People should connect their phone numbers to their Aadhar numbers in order to maximise the use of this programme.

Important Documents Required

To acquire a hamraaz app payslip, you’ll need the following documents.

  • Aadhar card number
  • Your phone number.
  • PAN Card information

Download the Hamraaz app and log in to the website to view your pay stubs for 2022.

How can our Indian Army be behind in this day and age when everything is done digitally and over the internet? For the Indian Army specifically, there is an app called Hamraaz. It also has a website, which is, which is well-known in India. Where we also give Indian Army members the option to log in using their personal information to download the Hamraaz mp8 app, along with payslips, pay calculators, and other tools.

In this essay, we’ll examine the hamraazmp8 website and mobile app to better grasp what the hamraaz app is. How do you login or register personally after downloading this app to your phone and getting your pay stub? This website and app significantly reduce the amount of time we would have spent travelling to and from the office if we weren’t Indian soldiers who also happen to work.

How to obtain the Hamraaz app in order to obtain Form 18?

If you wish to download Form 18, follow the steps outlined below.

  • The applicant must first open the humraaz app and log in.
  • Type in your username and password.
  • Select the Login option.
  • You must now seek out a form 18 download.
  • To download the form, click the link 18.


  • First of all Make a visit to Hamraaz Web Portal –, Login
  • Now Check the QR Code of Hamraj Army Payslip App.
  • Scan the QR Code to Download Hamraaz Mobile Application.
  • Sign Up to Mobile App with your Details Like Mobile No. or Email Address etc.
  • Now Check for Hamraaz Payslip | Salary Slip Personal Login Page.
  • Enter Your Details to Check Status of Your Salaray.

What is Hamraaz App (Hamraaz Mp8 Web और app क्या है) Hamraaz Web

As we previously stated, the Hamraaz app and hamraazmp8 were created specifically for the Indian Army. so that he can access his earnings at any time and from any location, such as a paystub You may also manage and compute your monthly salary reports as well as view them.

We must log in for this by going to the Hamraaz app or HamraazMP8 website. You will be able to log in directly to personal if you have already signed up. Alternately, you may also register using your Pan card. By the way, we have detailed the entire procedure for removing your payslip from web login below.

However, if all you want to do is calculate your income, there is no need to sign in to the Hamraaz app or website; you can use Hamraazmp8 without logging in or creating an account. In truth, the hamraaz pay calculator is utilised to determine how our income has changed as a result of the promotion we received in this prestigious position in the Indian army.

Come on, we’ve learned a lot; now learn how to get a payslip and use a pay calculator in the Hamraaz mp8 app and on the web—

Hamraaz Army App Features V 7.1, 7.0 Hamraaz Web

The Version Has Features Of Individual Specific Notifications, Common Interest, Submissions & Monitoring Of Grievances, Online Change Of AFPP Fund Subs & More.

  • Download Hamraaz App Version 7.1, 7.0 From Here

Hamraazweb Army App Download Old Apk’s

  • Hamraaz App Version 7.1, : Download
  • Hamraaz App Version 7.1, : Download
  • Hamraaz Army App Version 6.0 : Download
  • Hamraaz Army App Download Latest Version 5.0: Download
  • Download Hamraaz Army App Latest Version 7.1,

Army employees can contact Hamraaz web customer support at the following toll-free number:

For app registration, the Indian Army will receive an OTP. Use this Hamraaz Army App Customer Care Mobile Number if you wish to contact Hamraaz App (Official App Support Number). You can also get Humraazmp8(At)Gmail(Dot)Com and send emails there.

Latest Version of the Indian Army Hamraaz App:

The latest version 6.52 (2020) of the Humraj Army App can be downloaded here. The technical team at Army Personnel’s Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8) created a mobile app with an Android operating system specifically for the Indian Army soldiers to use on their smartphones for service communications. created to pay for information connected to that. The general public can not use this software, though.

How to Download the Indian Army Hamraaz Army App: News

Many Indian Army personnel are looking for a way to get the Hamraaz Army App from the Play Store, but it is not available. So, go here to get the most recent version of the Hamraaz Army App.

Can’t register for the Hamraaz Army app? Hamraaz personal login and hamraaz app login

hamraaz’s personal login Sign up for the Hamraaz Army app if you do not have trouble with the Hamraaz app. Then double-check that you’ve entered an Aadhar-seeded mobile number. login hamraaz app When signing up for Hamraaz, you must input the OTP that will be sent to your Aadhar-seed phone number. Sign in to Hamraaz.

How to set or enter the password for a pay slip

You will be prompted for a password for a slip when the programme has been successfully installed. Therefore, you must provide the PAN card’s first four digits.

What if I don’t have an Aadhaar number?

You cannot register without an Aadhaar registered mobile number or if you have misplaced your Aadhaar registered mobile number. But simply going to the closest Aadhaar facility, you can register a new phone number.

In the Hamraaz app, how can I download a pay slip? Hamra Web

If you are attempting to open a payslip but are having trouble, The downloaded file is password-protected, hence the explanation. step-by-step password recovery

  1. The Password Would Be 8 Digits
  2. Where First 4 Digits Or Letters Of Your PAN Card Number. Example: First 4 Digit/Letter Of PAN Card Number Id EQC1
  3. Whether The Last Four Digits Comes From Your Date Of Enrollment. Suppose, The Date Of Enrollment Is 23 June. Then You Can Write It As 2306
  4. Hence, Your Password Will Be EQC12306.
  5. Note: Make Sure You Enter Your First Four Letters In Capital Letters

My Hamraaz Army App password has been forgotten.

Simply select “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions below if you have forgotten your Hamraaz Army App password.

  1. Afte Clicking On “Forgot Password” You Will Be Redirected To Another Page Where You Have To Enter Your Aadhaar Number. 
  2. After That, Enter The Date Of Enrollment In The Form Dd/Mm/Yy
  3. Now You Have To Answer The Security Question. Make Sure Your Answer Provided Is Correct
  4. After Providing All The Information Click On Proceed
  5. After That, You Can Enter A New Password.

How Do I Make A Password For The Hamraaz Army App? Hamra Web

Make sure your password has at least one of each of the following: a capital letter (A, B, C, or D); a small letter (A, B, C, or D); a number (1, 2, 3, or 4); and a special character (@, #, or $). You’re done after the password has been created successfully.

Download the most recent version of the Hamraaz website in 2022. You can all download the Hamraaz app for free from the official Hamraaz app website. This app was made available by the Indian Army for Sirf Android users. The Ministry of Defense has given the Humraj App approval. The Hamraaz Website The Android app, Hamraaz Army, is totally free.

You won’t be able to download the hamraaz app through the Google Play Store since the Indian Army has issued an official notification for it, which you must have access to do so. The download link for the Hamraj App and its details in Hindi are provided here.

Application-specific Hamraaz Web Login and Registration Process

hamraaz’s personal loginThe hamraaz Indian Army app and website are very similar. The same instructions that we will give for its website also apply to its app. hamraaz login personalDo not be confused about how I will accomplish this if I have an app. By the way, we have included the download URL for the software below in the foreground.

You need a PAN card in order to register on this website. Additionally, you must verify that the Indian Army is listed on your PAN card in order to register for hamraaz.

  1. Now, capitalise the number on your Pan Card. Enter the captcha that appears on your screen after that, and then click the submit button. Login to view Hamraaz Payslips
  1. If the Indian Army does not verify your PAN card, the error “invalid user” will appear. Currently, only one user can register for hamraaz.
  1. After entering your personal information, such as your name, username, and password, a new page will open, and your account will be successfully created.

Personal login for the HamraazMP8 website in 2022

Hamraaz Web Login/Signup personal & Download Hamraaz App Payslip 2022
Hamraaz Web Login/Signup personal & Download Hamraaz App Payslip 2022

You must log in to this app to obtain payslips, etc. after signing up on the hamraaz app or website or after creating an account. This process is known as a “personal login.” To do this, take the following actions:

1. Type your username in all caps. Yes, you must have preserved a username from the moment you signed up, my friend. Putting it in the top box

2. Type in your password: In this box, type the password you chose when registering. By clicking on “lost password,” you can reset it if you’ve forgotten. You will receive an OTP via your account’s email or mobile number, and after entering it, you can change your password.

3. Type in the captcha: As you can see in the above image, a captcha has been provided. The captcha can vary depending on the time of day. Enter only after viewing the captcha on your mobile device. If you comprehend the captcha, select the refresh option, and a new captcha will appear.

4. Press the “Submit” button. hamraaz web: Once you’ve finished the aforementioned procedures, it’s time to hit the submit option to receive your payslip from the hamraaz app.

How to Open Payslip in Hamraaz mp8 App after Hamraaz Web Download

How To Hamraaz Web Download and Open Payslip In Hamraaz mp8 app

How To Hamraaz Web Download and Open Payslip In Hamraaz mp8 app

You see some sort of interface when you log in and access the hamraaz app or, from which you can see family details, pay details, ppo, or pension payment details, among other things. Additionally, if you are travelling, you can view your itinerary report on the department enxashment tab.

Now let’s talk about how to download and open your payslip in Hamraaz mp8 on your phone. You can see that there is a pay details option for this in the image and on your mobile device. Your monthly salary information will be displayed as soon as you click on it. Whatever you wish to download is available.

Hamraaz App Features

Monthly Pay Slip, Form 16, online grievances management, change of AFPP fund subscription, individual specific pop-up messages, information dissemination and fixation of certain bugs noticed earlier.

  • Pan Card ( Record Office Register)
  • Registration Personal Mobile No. ( Record Office Add Compulsory)
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  • Latest Version hamraaz app 6.52 download
  • hamraaz 6.52 download

Hamraaz Pay Calculator App

Pay calculator will also show up when you download the hamraaz app or visit its website. But do you understand what it does and how it might be applied? I want to let you know that utilising a pay calculator, you may determine how much your salary has increased as a result of a promotion.

Pay Calculator Hamraaz App

Pay Calculator Hamraaz App

You must first choose your level in order to find out how much you will be rewarded upon receiving your next promotion. The pay matrix button will show up at the bottom if you are unsure of your level. When you click on it, Hamraaz gives you some information. You can determine your level by glancing at this matrix.

The first employee’s wage will then be chosen from the current ie promotion. Please add the date of your promotion. The next step is to choose an existing date. When you click the submit button at the end of this stage, a result similar to this will appear on the side.

What is the use of Humraj Army App? Information about Hamraaz App – Hamraaz Army App

  • hamraaz app 7.0 download latest version,
  • hamraaz app login

What is the Hamraj Army? The Indian Army’s technical team jointly developed the Humraj App and the Army App for its soldiers and officers. (www.hamraaz.web) The Jawans have access to a variety of facilities. Only mobile phones are used for wage payments and other services for Indian Army soldiers and officers.

Download the Hamraaz app for mobile

The technological team of Army Troops (Adjutant Generals Branch (MP-8)) developed this ANDROID-based mobile app specifically for serving soldiers of the Indian Army to communicate service and pay-related information to them on their smartphones. (App Hamaraaz) Civilians are not permitted to use this app.

  • App hamraaz wab,
  • hamraaz payslip password,
  • वेब hamraaz mp8,
  • hamraaz app 7.0 download,
  • how to open payslip in hamraaz app

How To Download Hamraaz App? – Humraaz App 6.52 Download Latest Version

  • Activate the mobile browser. Google Search in Chrome
  • Then type into the search bar.
  • Scan the QR code to download the app or use the top left menu. Open One and select the download button.
  • Humraj is available for download.
  • Activate and install it.

(Note :- Hamraaz Army App Only For Android Users Not For Window / iPhone Device – Hamraaz App is available or removed for mobile only. Window / iPhone Users can not download this app)

Indian Army Pay Slip Full Form | Full form of terms used in Indian Army Pay Slip.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat is the full form of the terms used on the Indian Army pay slip. How are you doing, friends? In this article, we’ll explain the complete names of the phrases used in Indian Army pay slips (Indian Army Pay) Slip Full Form. Friends, in order to fully understand this post, you must read it from beginning to conclusion.

Every month, Defense Personnel in the Indian Army receive Salary Credit in their Defense Salary Package (DSP Account). By the way, Basic Pay and Dearness Allowance make up the bulk of a wage. But in addition to this, there are various allowances that are paid each month, like the Field Area Allowance, Children’s Education Allowance, Ration Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and many others.

The payslip of the defence person has all of the wage information, but only the short form of each allowance is provided rather than the complete form. Because of this, it might be very challenging to understand the warriors. You will be able to readily grasp the payment details and the precise information of Part 2 Order in your payslip after reading this article, which will provide you with the full forms of all the short forms used in payslips.

Friends, you must read this article all the way through since it contains a very significant brief form that is crucial. This post took a lot of time to write, so it needs to be shared in Facebook and WhatsApp groups so that everyone involved in defence is fully aware of it.

Indian Army Pay Slip Full Form | indian army pay slip full form

Short Form Full Form
AL Annual Leave
AMT REC Amount Recovery
ABF Actual Bus Fare
ACTGA Acting Allowance Grant
ADINC Adhoc Increment Pay
AGIF Army Group Insurance Fund
APPT Appointment
AV PAY Aviation Pay
AWL Absence Without Leave
AT CORR Audit Correction
ATTEST DT Attestation Date
BASIC Basic Pay
BHUTAN Bhutan Pay
BHUTDA Bhutan Dearness Allowance
CANCEL Cancellation
CB PRINC Closing Balance Principle
CATG Category
CCA City Compensatory Allowance
CCOTH City Compensatory Other Town Allowance
CCZ City Compensatory Z Class
CEA Children Education Allowance
CFAA Compensatory Field Area Allowance
CHAFAA Compensatory High Active Field Area Allowance
CILQ Compensation In Lieu of Quarter
CLOA Clothing Allowance
CL PAY Class Pay
CMFAA Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance
CONA Conveyance Allowance
CONVR Concession Voucher
COMDIS Disability Element of Pension
CPHTC Cash Price Hindi Type Writing
DA Dearness Allowance
DAILY Daily Allowance for Halt at Temp Duty
DEPSPF Deputation to Special Force
DIETCH Diet Charge
DISCH Discharge
EXTNAL Extension of Annual Leave
ENCASH Encashment of Annual Leave
EC Education Cess
ELARM Excess Consumption of Electricity
FAA Family Accommodation Allowance
FAMO Family Allotment Order
FOR LAG Foreign Language Allowance
FRA Fresh Ration Allowance
GS PAY Good Service Pay
H PAY Half Pay
HAUCL High Altitude/Uncongenial Climate
HCOMMN Grant of Honorary Commission
HRA House Rent Allowance
HRANK Honorary Rank
HOSSUB Hostel Subsidy
INCR Increment
INSTAL Instructional Allowance
INT Interest
LRA Lower Rate of Ration Allowance
LSGCM Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
LTC Leave Travel Concession
LUGGAG Luggage Charge
LST Loss Statement
MACPS Modified Assured Career Progression
MAT DT Maturity Date
MCA Multi Clothing Allowance
MS PAY Military Service Pay
NRA Normal Rate of Ration Allowance
PAN Personal Account Number
PARANK Paid Acting Rank
PLI Postal Life Insurance
POSIN Posting In
SCCIA Special Compensatory Counter Insurgency
REGAL Regularisation of Absence
REGOSL Regularisation of Overstay Leave
REJTYPE Rejection Type
RED WDLS Refund Withdrawal
PMHA Personal Maintenance Hygiene Allowance
RMC Reimbursement of Medical Claim
RLWAR Cost of Railway Warrent
SNLQ Single Compensation in Lieu of Quarter
LAWARD Language Award
MTH Month
PBSN Pay Book Serial Number
PCA Pedal Cycle Allowance
PAYFIX Pay Fixation
SGAGN Special Compensatory Allowance
SIACHN Siachin Allowance
STRINC Family Planning Allowance
REJAL/CL Rejoining AL/ CL
SRA Special Ration Allowance
SUBSCN Subscription
SB DT Substantive Date
TJRA Temporary Duty Journey Period Ration Allowance
TYRJ Temporary Duty Move Return Journey Period
TPTL Transport Allowance Lower Rate
TPTH Transport Allowance Higher Rate
TPAL Transport Allowance
TCA Training Centre Allowance
TYOJ Temp Duty Move On Journey Period
TFRGTH Transfer Grant
TOT RFD Total Refund Withdrawls
VR NO Voucher Number
WEAF Excess Consumption of Water and Electricity

Hamraaz app 7.1, 7.0 download Latest Version Download २०२२

Name of Apps Hamraaz App/हमराज आर्मी अप्प
Version Name Hamraaz 7.1, 7.0, Hamraaz 6.51, Hamraaz 6.52
App Type Government (Ministry of Defense)
OS Available Android Device ( Not For Window/iPhone Device)
Requirement Andriod 4.0 and Above
Download Link Click here to download
Official Website Hamraaz App 7.1, 7.0 New Version Hamraaz Army App Payslip Password

  • Hamraaz App Version 6.51 : Download
  • Hamraaz App Version 6.50 : Download
  • Hamraaz Army App Version 6.0 : Download
  • Hamraaz Army App Download Latest Version 5.0: Download
  • Download Hamraaz Army App Latest Version 4.5

How to Download the iPhone App Army Hamraaz (ISO Device)

How to Install the Army Hamraaz iPhone App: How optimistic are you about getting better? We’ll explain how to download the Army Hamraaz app on the iPhone in this article today (ISO Device). Friends, downloading the Hamraaz Army Application has a lot of issues. You can get this content today only by getting the Hamraaz Army App. You won’t experience any issues because of it.

The Indian Army is having a lot of issues with the Hamraaz Army App. In light of this, I’ll discuss some frequently asked questions concerning the Hamraaz Army App. The most recent version of the Hamraaz Army App will be explained here. The most recent version, 6.52, of the Hamraaz Army app may be downloaded for free right now. How to Download Version 6.5 of the Hamraaz Army App.

How to Download Hamraaz Army App in Apple iPhone Device?

You can benefit from online resources. The Ministry of Defense has given the Hamraaz Army App approval. The Android app for the Humraj Army is totally free. Each of you may obtain it for no cost from the official Humraj App website. Since the Indian Army has published an official notification for the Hamraj App, which you must download from there, the Humraj App won’t be accessible on the Google Play Store. Here is a link to the Hindi-language material and the Hamraaz Army App download.

As you are aware, since the Indian Army has not created an application for the iPhone device, you cannot download the Hamraaz Army Application on an iPhone device. Nevertheless, our Indian Army jawans continue to search online for instructions on how to use an iPhone device. For the Humraj application, download

Let us inform you that the Indian Army has also taken down the Android version of the Hamraaz App. The Hamraaz Army App cannot be downloaded if you visit the Hamraaz web portal website and attempt to do so.

You may now obtain Online Registration, Login, Password Forgot, and Payslip via the Indian Army from the Hamraaz mp8 official website.

Don’t worry if you are unaware of the Hamraaz MP8 official website. You can access the official Hamraaz website by just clicking on this link:

Registration/Sign Up Process for the Hamraaz App 2022

What precisely must you do? The Hamraaz App registration and signup processes are quite simple. Any of your mobile phones can be used for this. The official website,, is where you can register. Go to your browser or application first, then type or write into the search bar there. You will then arrive at Hamraaz’s main website. Then you must be familiar with each soldier and officer in the Indian Army.

The Hamaraz Army App is only available to Android users. For iPhone/Windows-based devices only: Only mobile devices can access the Hamraaz App. This programme cannot be downloaded by Windows or iPhone users.


You might be wondering how to file a complaint through the Hamraaz Army App and who to contact regarding issues with the application, such as the Pay Related Issue, Part ll Order, Service Records, Promotion & Seniority, Postings, Discharge, Pension Process, Misc, AGIF Process, and ECHS Process options.

Only the aforementioned feature on the Hamraj application allows you to file a complaint. Now, let’s speak about how you will complain. If you read this post all the way through, you will learn everything there is to know about this.

You can click on any of the links provided below, depending on the issue you are experiencing, if you want to learn more about how to register online through the Hamraaz Army App or the smartphone registration procedure. By clicking, you will be taken to our second post, where you can get information on how to sign up, personalise your login, send OTP to a smartphone, find customer service information, view and download pay stubs, and more.

On this website, you will find articles relating to all of these. Click the link to the left to see more information about the Hamraaz App.

How to Complaint Any Issue Related in Hamraaz Army App

We’re going to explain to you how to complain about the most recent version 6.52 of the Hamraaz Army App. You must complete a few procedures before you can file a complaint from the comfort of your home if you encounter any problems. Go how

  • You must first enter in Google Search and then search there. Alternatively, you can access the Hamraaz App website directly from our URL at
  • You will then arrive at the Hamraaz Portal home page. The next step is to select Personal Login.
  • After that, you must fill out the captcha, enter your username and password, and then click “Submit.”
  • You must first enter in Google Search and then search there. Alternatively, you can access the Hamraaz App website directly from our URL at
  • You will then arrive at the Hamraaz Portal home page. The next step is to select Personal Login.
  • After that, you must fill out the captcha, enter your username and password, and then click “Submit.”
  • Once you have logged into the Hamraaz Web Portal, you can proceed as shown in the picture below. To access the menu, click here.
  • Following the option for grievances, a full list will appear from which you must make a choice. The list will then appear in front of you with the option to lodge or view a grievance, and you must click on it.
  • The linked list will then be displayed in front of you by complaining after you select the “Select” option.
  • Then you write your concern down and mail it, along with any connected issues you may be having.

How can I get the Hamraaz app to download Form 18?

If you wish to download Form 18, follow the steps outlined below.

  • The candidate must first log into the Humraaz app.
  • Fill in your username and password.
  • Select the option to log in.
  • Now you must look for a form 18 download.
  • Choose the link to download the form 18.

How can I verify my family information on the Hamraaz Army App?

Since the Hamraaz Army App was created exclusively for Indian Army soldiers, we must state unequivocally that no one else is permitted to register online for it. You will be given all the instructions on how to check if you learned about your family details using the Hamraaz Army App.

Before I go any further, let me remind you that you should download the most recent version of the Hamraaz Application or that you can check your family’s information directly on the government website at

Let us inform you that if you have any difficulties downloading the most recent version 6.51 of the Hamraaz App, you will not be able to access your family’s information through an Android application and must instead use the Hamraaz Mp8 official website. At the end of this post, you will find detailed instructions on how to achieve that.

How to Check Family Details in Hindi in the Hamraaz Army App

Let us inform you that having a Hamraaz Mp8 account is essential if you want to check the family details. Whenever you want to check the information on your family, go to the Hamraaz portal. If you haven’t signed up for the Hamraaz Army App yet, you’ll also get to see some links up top that you may use to do so.

  • You must first enter in Google Search and then search there. Alternatively, you can access the Hamraaz App website directly from our URL at
  • You will then arrive at the Hamraaz Portal home page. The next step is to select Personal Login.
  • After that, you must fill out the captcha, enter your username and password, and then click “Submit.”
  • Once you have logged into the Hamraaz Web Portal, you can proceed as shown in the picture below. To access the menu, click here.
  • After seeing the option for family details, you will then see a full list from which you must choose, and your family details will be in front of you.

Army App Hamraaz Related Questions

Hamraaz App Latest version Will be Available For?

All the Beneficiaries Soldiers.

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