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Pink dolphins! Watch viral video of the amazing rare sight


The world of the ocean is very different from the common world. The temperature there, plants, insects, animals are all different from the normal world. The ocean is a mystery, there is a huge number of species that are yet to be discovered. In a recent development, a pink dolphin has been recorded in the camera and the video has gone viral over social media.

Pink Dolphin spotted in sea

We all come across dolphin videos where the intelligent fish saves lives or does something very funny. IFS Officer Susanta Nanda has shared a video of a dolphin from his Twitter handle. So far you must have seen only black or blue dolphins, but the dolphin seen in this video is of pink color.

Dolphins are considered to be very friendly animals. In this video too, Pink Dolphin is seen playing like children in the water. More than 46,000 social media users have seen this viral video. In the comments, people say that they had never seen a pink dolphin till now. Everyone is expressing their surprise.

710 users have retweeted this video of Dolphin. In the comments, people are discussing the reason for it being pink. Everyone seem to express their curiosity for the pink colour.


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