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Pregnant Cop Regulates Traffic, Asks People To Follow Covid Norms In Chhattisgarh


Pregnant Cop Regulates Traffic, Asks People To Follow Covid Norms In Chhattisgarh

A picture of DSP Shilpa Sahu is being widely circulated online.

A picture of a pregnant Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) regulating traffic and ensuring that people adhere to COVID-19 guidelines in Chhattisgarh is being widely shared on social media for a couple of days. The pic shows DSP Shilpa Sahu wearing a mask and standing under the scorching sun in Bastar’s Dantewada, urging people to follow pandemic guidelines. With a lathi in hand, and surrounded by a few other police officers, the DSP asked people to stay indoors as coronavirus infections surge in the state and across the nation.

Sharing the pic on Twitter of Shilpa Sahu regulating traffic, additional transport commissioner Dipanshu Kabra wrote in Hindi, “The picture is of Dantewada DSP Shilpa Sahu. Shilpa is busy with her team in the scorching sun during the pregnancy, and is appealing on the streets and is appealing to people to follow the lockdown.”

Asking people to act responsibly and exercise constraint amid the pandemic, he further added, “Police is trying everything possible these days to save people from the second wave of Corona infection. You should also play the role of a responsible citizen and be safe at home during the lockdown.”

Other Twitter users, too, applauded the grit and commitment of the police officer. Praising Shilpa Sahu for placing the duty above self, one user wrote, “Meet DSP Shilpa Sahu from Dantewada who continues her duty during her pregnancy because she thought if she can serve the nation during this pandemic that is grateful for her.”

Another user said, “Well done Shilpa Sahu. But do take care of yourself +1 as well.”

Many social media users also addressed her as a “hero”.

Here are a few other reactions to the post.

Some users also felt that the officer should not be exposed to such a high-risk environment during the raging pandemic. Explaining her concern, one user tweeted, “A pregnant woman should not be given this type of duty. In this pandemic, it can be dangerous for both them and their children.”

Seconding this, another said, “This is wrong. She should not be doing this. Is she being made to do this?? With all due respect instead of praising she should be advised to have leave.”

Last year, similar concerns had been raised after a picture of IAS Saumya Pandey working from office with her 14-day-old baby went viral on social media. 

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