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Pub Plays A Savage Prank On Influencer Asking For Free Food


Pub Plays A Savage Prank On Influencer Asking For Free Food

An influencer asked Four Legs restaurant for free meals in exchange for publicity (Representative)

There is no such thing as a free lunch, as one UK pub recently taught an influencer trying to score food in exchange for social media publicity. A text exchange between the Four Legs pub in the UK and an influencer promising to advertise them on his Instagram in exchange for several free takeaway meals has gone viral online. 

The photos were posted on Instagram by Four Legs – a pop up food joint inside the Compton Arms pub in London – and show how they managed to pull a savage prank on the influencer who requested free meals for himself and his friends.

After asking for a free takeaway meal, the influencer told the pub he would be “happy to advertise” them via his Instagram stories, screenshots shared by the pub show. The food blogger also offered to include a swipe-up link to their website. 

The restaurant asked if he would be able to pick up the meal and gave him an address – Tolpuddle Street in Islington.

Thinking he had managed to score free food, the influencer asked if he could also order free meals for his “bubble” – a total of five meals, he informed the restaurant. The Four Legs seemingly acquiesced and told him to reach the address provided. 

However, further screenshots shared by the pub show that they managed to play a savage prank on the influencer, clearly annoyed by his request for free stuff. 

When the influencer reached the street and messaged the pub for further directions, they asked him if he could see a police station. When he replied in the affirmative, Four Legs responded: “Magic – go in there and report yourself for crimes against the hospitality industry.”

The conversation has gone viral on Instagram, collecting over 32,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 2,000 comments.

“This is poetry. I simply divert people to the website and tell them we will happily send out anything they purchase,” wrote one business owner.

“This is genius,” another Instagram user declared.

Some, however, felt that the pub’s reaction to the influencer’s polite request was unnecessarily harsh. The influencer – Christopher Jesse Okon – took to the comments section himself to say that he did not force the pub to give him a free meal and they were free to decline his request. 

“If they did not want to provide me with this they could have declined and I would had more than happy accepted this rejection… I had no idea this would blow out of proportion,” he said. 

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