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Receptionist Gets Rs. 20 Lakh For Being Excluded From Office Pizza Party


From its humble origins in Italy, Pizza has surely come a long way to become one of the favourite comfort foods of the world. A slice of pizza topped with fresh Marinara sauce and oodles of cheese spells indulgence for countless citizens. Office parties to birthdays, informal gatherings to formal events – pizza finds a place in almost every get-together imaginable. But did you ever think it could ever win someone 23,000 Euros in compensation? A receptionist at a car dealership won this very amount after she was excluded from the office’s regular pizza parties.

Malgorzata Lewicka was an employee of Hartwell, a car dealership in United Kingdom. According to reports, the bosses at the dealership would ask the employees for a takeaway order as a part of an informal lunch every month. They would order dishes such as pizza, fish and chips at the time. However, Lewicka claimed that she was deliberately left out from the lunch and purposefully excluded from the company lunch. She had also complained to the tribunal about her pay, working hours and alleged sexual misconduct by her boss Mark Benson.

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The company claimed that this was done since Lewicka was a part-time employee and would leave the office at 1pm. However, the judge ruled that she could still have been asked to be a part of the informal gathering. Lewicka’s boss was found guilty of gross misconduct and rapped with a warning. She then received 23,000 Euros or Rs. 20 lakhs approximately as compensation for injury to feelings as well as loss of earnings.

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