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Rising above the challenges – Roma Puf budded, changing the outlook towards 2020!


When 2020 has struck millions of companies on the verge of shutdown, a new mattress brand has hatched out of it. Born (in the early 2000s), Roma Puf started its journey to provide the industry with the best it can offer and has lately been treated as a test bench for the company to fulfil its dream project of providing the material that has the outstanding performance to cost ratio. Led by the leaders of the second generation of well-known foam making company, Madhav Cotex; Aarsh Jain is the young Founder of this brand.

The enthusiastic and high-spirited, Mr Jain believes to bring a completely different outlook to the bedding and furnishing industry in India. Building a job opportunity for many of the workforces in the village regions and employing many of the skilled craftsmen, Roma Puf is made out of hardship, talent, and the best technology. And the brand just took its offerings to cosy new heights, with a totally revamped line of mattresses. The most important factor however is that the brand sets the millennials as its target audience. Youth are seen as the future of today, innovators in technology, dialectal and “cool” which reflects the very message of the brand- Cool, Stylish, Resilient, and of course Advanced Tech Designs.

Roma Puf which goes with the tagline ‘For Happy Hours’ is coupled with technological innovations & gelling up with industry standards. With a different focus on the products, Roma Puf caters to an extensive range of products like reversible comforters, toppers, etc. With every single product being manufactured in India, the brand emphasizes applying more sustainable technologies like Solar Power for the entire manufacturing house very soon.

Mr Jain who happens to believe in the sustainable and green growth of the company shares his ideology “Bringing money to your community for resources is a zero-sum game, rather bring down the cost of resources to benefit all”. From minute detailing to designing with keeping quality intact, Roma Puf surely seems to be a brand worth having credence for.

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