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Robber Arrives Too Early For Chicken Nuggets, Made To Choose From McDonald’s Breakfast Menu


In a unique turn of events, a robber in the England was asked to place his order from McDonald’s breakfast menu, as he happened to arrive a bit too early for chicken nuggets. The McDonald’s outlet apparently offered him a McMuffin, one of the best-selling breakfast items on the menu which the robber accepted in place of the nuggets, that are only served for lunch and dinner. The robber, identified as Rudi Batten, was found guilty for robbing a McDonald’s in February. According to reports, he held a manager on gunpoint and demanded money and access to store’s safe. It was also reported that on his way back he demanded chicken nuggets from the fast food outlet, but at that point of time, they only had the breakfast menu on offer. Unfortunately for Batten, his act was caught in the CCTV footage; he was taken into custody later in the day. The internet is abuzz with reactions on the unusual episode. Here are some of the funny ones we found on Reddit. 

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“Yep, that’s McDonald’s. Even if you pull out a gun, they’re not changing the breakfast schedule.
Edit: okay, I get it, they were actually trying to accommodate him and serve non-breakfast food. RIP inbox”, read one of the top comments. 
“So he was he charged with Hamburglary?”, read one of the many punny comments. 
“I’d like to speak to a manager…. I am the manager breakfast menu until 11am, you want McNuggets rob us in the afternoon.”, wrote a user imagining how it must have played out at the Mc Donald’s outlet that was robbed.
 “Shoulda robbed an Australian maccas, we have 90% of the menu active 24/7 he could’ve had his nuggets”, wrote another.

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“A man must have a code”, read another hilarious comment.
“THIS IS A ROBBERY! PUT ALL THE NUGGETS IN THE BAG!”, wrote a user describing a burglary from everyone’s dreams.
“He would’ve been in for some real heartbreak if he asked for a McFlurry but the machine was down,” said a user who clearly had a bone to pick from the fast food giant. 


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