Sambhavna Seth slams Delhi hospital in fresh video, says 'my father was gone long ago, they were lying all the time' - SARKARI JOB INDIAN

Sambhavna Seth slams Delhi hospital in fresh video, says ‘my father was gone long ago, they were lying all the time’


New Delhi: Actress Sambhavna Seth, who is all set to file a legal battle against the Jaipur Golden Hospital in New Delhi for ‘medical negligence’ owing to which her father SK Seth died, has released a new video.

In the fresh video, Sambhavna shared that some people think that she is upset because the nurse misbehaved with her but the actual reason behind it was that they were not treating the patients in a rightful manner.


She also alleged that her father died way before the doctors announced it as a cardiac arrest. She even questioned the timings on the death certificate, claiming her father died before the hospital declared him dead. 

Adding more, Sambhavna claimed that when the assistant doctor saw that she wasn’t ready to leave her father then they said that they are going to change the whole procedure of treating him. But still, when she wasn’t convinced with them, they declared him dead. 

She also said that her father couldn’t get an ICU bed and was getting treated in a general ward to which they were saying has been converted into an ICU ward. 

Sambhavna alleged that there were ample vacant beds but still the authorities were saying that there are no beds available in the hospital.

 Clarifying further, she said that when she asked the nurse whether her father had anything since morning, the nurse rudely replied that she has no knowledge and the duty in-charge must have given him breakfast. 

When she went inside to see her father, she was shocked to see that her father hadn’t had anything since morning and was not even given a proper oxygen mask, and was breathing through a temporary balloon mask. 

She further stated that her father’s oxygen level went down to 55 and still no one bothered to look at him even for once. 

She also warned everyone saying that the food or juices which were sent for the family members, were kept there and were not given to them and even the patients can’t complain about it as most of the time they are unconscious. 

The actress also pledged to help each and every person who is going through the same pain and thanked everyone for their support towards her. 

Sambhavna lost her father SK Seth on May 8, 2021, due to COVID -19 complications.


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