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Sargun Mehta Devours Yummy Chocolate Brownie, And Here’s The Recipe


Actress Sargun Mehta, who is currently vacationing abroad, recently treated herself to a delicious chocolate brownie. In her Instagram Stories, she shared a video of the box of yummy dessert. We can see a dark chocolate brownie drenched in syrupy chocolate topping. Sargun looked quite satisfied with her food choice and did not care about her diet routine for a day. She also mentioned in the clip that she had bought a chocolate ice cream to go with that. Sargun Mehta cheekily teased her girl pals who are on a diet while gorging on the delicacy.


The gooey chocolate brownie indeed looked delicious. 

If you are craving for those lip-smacking brownies, make your own at home. Here’s a simple recipe for fudgy chocolate brownie. This mouth-watering dessert is filled with the richness of dark chocolate, cocoa powder, espresso powder, vanilla essence and eggs. In less than an hour, you can satiate your chocolate cravings with this.

Are you on a diet, and does looking at all that is chocolaty make you sad? Fret not. We have a healthy recipe for you that involves no flour. One more plus point is that it is also vegan. The ingredients used for this tasty vegan brownie are nutritious — they include flax seeds, coconut, yogurt, peanut powder, dates and most importantly, unsweetened cocoa powder.

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Yummy brownies can easily be made at home. 

If you don’t have a microwave, then this eggless chocolate brownie is perfect for you. All you need is compound chocolate, cocoa powder, butter, yoghurt, vanilla essence and flour. Instead of an oven, you can use a simple kadhai or a pressure cooker to make this dessert.

Do you love cheesecake toppings? If yes, try baking this delectable brownie bottom cheesecake. Apart from the cheesecake, it has a gooey chocolate brownie base packed with dark chocolate flavour. It’s just the perfect dessert to serve at a dinner party.

If time is at a premium, try this eggless two-minute brownie. It’s probably the easiest, quickest-ever brownie recipe. You can prepare this decadent mug cake in two minutes, with just a handful of ingredients, a microwave and a spoon to just dig in and enjoy.

Try these lip-smacking chocolate options to satiate your taste buds, and let us know your favourite one.


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