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Satrangi Biryani To Paneer Makhanwala: 5 Simple Veg Recipes For Ramadan 2021


We have stepped into the last two weeks of Ramadan, the holy month marked by special prayers, dawn-to-dusk fasting and evening feasts. The devout have a meal before sunrise, known as sehri, after which they abstain from having food or water until after sunset, when it is time for iftar. Like last year, this time too due to a surge in coronavirus infections in India, celebrations are subdued. However, keeping the spirit intact, there is no limit on all the special dishes you can create in the kitchen to break your fast. Here, we bring you some of the Ramzan-special vegetarian recipes which you can enjoy for sehri and iftar:

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1. Satrangi Biryani

If you are craving biryani, but want to steer clear of meat, this dish is perfect for you. Made with rice and a host of nutritious vegetables like beetroot, carrot, bell pepper, French beans and zucchini along with mint and aromatic spices, it is ideal for consumption during iftar. This biryani is called so because of the multiple veggies that lend it lovely hues of red, pink, yellow and green (multi-coloured or satrangi). Find the recipe below.

2. Double Ka Meetha

Best suited for sehri, Double Ka Meetha is made using bread, sugar, saffron milk and condensed milk. The simple and easy-to-cook dish takes very little time to put together, but is extremely delicious. Native to Hyderabad, this dessert is known to be a cousin of Lucknow’s Shahi Tukda, as the two are similar in terms of taste and presentation. If you have a sweet tooth, click on the recipe and create it in your kitchen this Ramzan.

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shahi tukda

Shahi Tukda is a sweet made with bread and rabdi

3. Dates and Figs Fudge

Dates have grown to be an essential part of Ramadan or Ramzan. Most people break their fast by consuming dates. Add a fudgy twist to it by blending it with figs, and you have a healthy sweet to round up your meal. Both dates and figs give you the fuel you need during fasting. To get your hands on the recipe, click here.

4. Pashtooni Zarda Pulao

If you like a bit of sweetness in your rice, this recipe is for you. Made especially during festivals, the zarda symbolises celebration and will add joy to your Iftar spread. This dish is made luxurious with the addition of nuts, saffron and rose water. Visit this link to check out the recipe.

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Zarda adds an inimitable richness to your pulao

5. Paneer Makhanwala

 Want something spicy for iftar? This dish of cottage cheese with butter and tomato in abundance will satisfy your taste buds. Loaded with nuts, the rich and creamy curry pairs well with naan as well as rice. To get the recipe, click on the link below.


Paneer makhanwalah is a hit among all ages

Go ahead and make these easy dishes for a hearty feast after a full day of fasting.


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