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Self-care guide for people living by themselves in the times of COVID-19


New Delhi: Living on your own while a pandemic is raging through can be a daunting task. There is a possibility of you catching COVID-19 while you are away from your family.

So it is best to stay prepared in advance that if a medical emergency like COVID-19 befalls you – you are ready to fight it hands on.

Here, are some easy to follow tips:

  1. Eat healthy – Eating the right kind of food will help build your immunity. So, if you get COVID, you will have strength to fight it.
  2. Stock basic medicines – It is important that you stock up basic medicines like paracetamol and others so that you do not have to move out if you are tested COVID positive.
  3. Exercise – Exercise will help strengthen your body and hence help it fight the virus if it contracts one.
  4. Develop a strong social network among neighbours – If you are living alone, it is essential that you have a strong social network of at least 2 to 3 people around you who can help you with buying groceries or contacting hospitals and keeping your family updated about you if you are diagnosed with COVID.
  5. Maintain a directory of COVID hospitals and suppliers of COVID medicines in your city – Many social groups are sharing an exhaustive city wise list of hospitals and other resources available for COVID patients. Make sure you have your city’s list with you.
  6. Check your health insurance and your company’s health policy – Check what all your insurance policy covers and are there any resources/help that your company is providing for COVID-19 positive patients.
  7. Maintain a file of your health documents – It can come in handy and can save a lot of last minute running around if you have your medical history file with you neatly organized.
  8. Maintain a file of your identification documents – This can include your Aadhar card, pan card, passport – you may need it while filing hospital documents.
  9. Keep in touch through calls – Keep in touch with your family and friends through video and phone calls. Give them honest updates about your health, they might be far away but can prove to be very resourceful at times.


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