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Shah Rukh Khan gives witty reply to fan who was curious about his underwear colour


Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday (March 31) had a sarcastic response for a fan who enquired about the colour of his innerwear. Shah Rukh was engaged in a fun interactive session with fans on Twitter when this happened.

“I only do these #asksrk for such classy and educated questions,” SRK replied to a fan who tweeted, “Sir what’s ur underwear color?? #AskSRK.”

Shah Rukh responded to any other questions from fans during the #AskSRK session. More weird questions followed, which the actor tackled with his trademark humour and sarcasm.

A fan asked the actor why he takes a lot of time while using the washroom, to which SRK replied: “Will send you a video…. ur inquisitiveness and yearning for learning is very touching.”

When a fan asked what does wife Gauri love about him, the actor replied: “That I cook and clean and look after the babies. And I guess being so handsome helps too…”

Responding to a fan asking which of Aamir Khan’s films are his favourites, Shah Rukh replied: “Raakh QSQT Dangal Lagaan 3 Idiots.”

Replying to a fan who accused him of being egoistic, the actor said, “Nahi yaar main itna Great hoon mujh mein bilkul ego nahi hai!! Ha ha. (No buddy, I am so great I don’t have ego issues).”

When a fan asked why he didn’t meet them at his residence Mannat on his birthday in November, SRK mentioned the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. He wrote, “Hope the virus is contained and we are all back to normalcy. I miss you all on my birthday.”

The actor slammed another fan who asked for tips to “patana” or impress girls. Shah Rukh wrote, “Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ for a girl. Try with more respect gentleness and respect.”

A fan enquired why the actor doesn’t have a Twitter bio, to which he replied, “It’s still being compiled…. so much of life has happened to me my friend, it’s difficult to restrict it in a bio.”

However, the actor did not give any clear answer about his upcoming films and projects, which multiple fans asked him during the interactive session.


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