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Smart Agriculture: Yogi Govt to prepare a database of farmers to directly provide them benefits


Lucknow: In another move towards increasing the income of farmers in particular and improving the efficiency of the agriculture sector as a whole, the Yogi-led government is preparing to promote digital agriculture in Uttar Pradesh to offer proactive and personalised services to the farmers.


An action plan in this regard has been prepared which will soon be implemented as a pilot project in selected 3 districts of Uttar Pradesh, namely Mathura, Mainpuri and Hathras. The data of all the farmers in around 10 villages of these districts will be collected. In which, the details of the land of the farmers will also be added. In addition, for smart and well-organized agriculture, the map of their respective lands will also be digitalised.


Along with linking the farmers to the welfare schemes of the government, personalised services to farmers such as soil and plant health advisories, real-time weather advisories, irrigation facilities, seeds, fertilisers and pesticide related information nearby logistic facilities and market access information will also be made available to them. With this, arrangements will also be made for proper marketing for the products prepared by the farmers.


For the first time, under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, such a transformation is being seen in the agriculture sector and for the farmers in Uttar Pradesh. The government is constantly working to benefit the farmers by roping in innovative measures. Extensive efforts are being made to empower the farmers economically, and also to provide them employment opportunities.


Through the database of farmers that will be prepared under the scheme of digital agriculture, information about what kind of grants received by the farmers under which schemes will also be made available.


The government has entrusted the responsibility of preparing the database to the district magistrates of Mathura, Mainpuri and Hathras districts. Along with this, instructions have also been issued that a nodal officer must be appointed for smooth execution of the same. The work of preparing the database will be completed by coordinating with the officials of Government of India and NIC Delhi.


The project will carry out various tasks for the betterment of farmers in the state, which will enhance their income by reducing the input costs for farmers and making farming easier.


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