Strawberry Moon 2021: Date, Significance and other details about season’s last full moon


New Delhi: After a month of the year 2021’s first total Lunar Eclipse which was also a Supermoon and a Bloodmoon there is another celestial event that is set to occur — the Strawberry Moon. It is the first full moon of the Summer solstice. 

The Strawberry Moon will appear from June 25 midnight, around 12:09 AM and can be seen for three days, till early Saturday morning. Notably, Strawberry Moon does not look like a strawberry and neither is it pink in colour.

Strawberry Moon 2021: How it got its name 

The phenomenon received its name from ancient tribes in America who marked this season’s full moon with the beginning of strawberry harvesting season. The full moon in June is denoted by different names in different parts of the world. While, in Europe it’s known as Rose Moon, marking the harvesting of roses.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is referred to as the Hot Moon as it coincides with the beginning of the summer season north of the equator.

Strawberry Moon 2021: Other full moons of the year

Stargazers can see Strawberry Moon in the night sky on June 24, the next full Moon known as Buck Moon, will be seen on July 24, followed by Sturgeon Moon on August 22 and the last full moon of the season, Harvest Moon, on September 20. 


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