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Summer Special: Beat The Heat With This Refreshing Pasta Cooked In Mint Sauce


It feels like a punishment of sorts to step out of an AC room for a chore that can take longer than 10 minutes, but you know very well that you cannot be lying about your couch all day. The temperature is on the rise, and if the forecast is to be believed, it may soar further. Now, it is your choice to sit and sulk or make the most of the season’s offerings. Mint (or pudina as we call it in Hindi) is a fresh herb that is renowned for its culinary usage across the world. It is used in condiments, beverages, sides, mains and desserts. The burst of freshness it brings into everything it is added to is truly hard to replicate. If you keep two beverages in front of us, one with mint and one without, we would inevitably be drawn to the one with mint, not only for its zingy freshness but also for its cooling properties. That’s right, mint is a natural coolant. It is also excellent for your tummy, and if you are facing any digestive problems, it may help alleviate that too. Mint is also effective in keeping bloating, flatulence and nausea in check as per Ayurveda and keeps your breath fresh.

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Mint is a cooling herb

While we have tonnes of recipes with mint, it still doesn’t feel quite enough. Therefore, we bring to you the excellent recipe of pasta in mint sauce. Yes, you heard it. Your regular pasta just for more invigorating. This pasta is made with a combination of two kinds of pasta – spaghetti and macaroni. If you only have macaroni you can proceed with just that or any other pasta of your choice. Boil it till it is al dente. Drain and keep aside. Now make the sauce by heating olive oil with green onions or regular onions and garlic. Sautee well. Add spinach puree, followed by pasta. Mix well and let it cook. Add the ‘special homemade mint sauce. Toss the pasta until well-mixed. Let it cook for a while and you are done. 

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Pasta is loved by everyone

Here is the detailed recipe for pasta in mint sauce.

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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