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Summer Special: You Just Need 3 Ingredients To Make This Mango Kulfi At Home – Recipe Video


Most of us hate summers. The scorching heat, dehydration and day-long irritation get on our nerves. There are a very few things that can cheer us up in this ruthless weather – and kulfi surely is one of them. The very thought of kulfi takes us to our childhood when we eagerly used to wait for the ‘kulfiwalas’ to pass by during the hot and sunny afternoons. A popular choice among people across ages, this milky goodness is enough to cool us down and make us happy. While malai kulfi remains a classic choice for all, over the years, we have been spoilt for choices. Today, we get kulfis of different colours, flavours and taste. Mango kulfi is one such famed instance. Making the most of this summer fruits, we mix fresh mango pulp with kulfi batter to make the cool and icy treat at home.

If you look around you will find multiple processes of making kulfi, some of which are time taking and extensive. To cut it short, we found you the easiest mango kulfi recipe that needs just 3 ingredients for preparation – mango pulp, condensed milk and cream; that’s it. And like us, if you too like some nuts in your kulfi for an extra crunch, add a handful of crushed nuts in the kulfi batter. We have used some nuts in this recipe; but choice is up to you. Take a look.

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How To Make 3-Ingredient Mango Kulfi | 3-Ingredient Mango Kulfi Recipe:

1. Add condensed milk, cream and mango pulp in a bowl and whisk well.

2. Add coarsely crushed nuts to it and mix. You may avoid.

3. Pour the mix in kulfi mould and cover with aluminium foil.

4. Insert kulfi sticks in each mould and refrigerate overnight.

5. Next day, soak the mould in water and cut out the kulfis.

6. Garnish with nuts and serve.

Super easy, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Get hold of the ingredients and make delicious mango kulfi today.

Watch the detailed recipe video in the header.

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