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Syed Ali Asgar Razvi, an impressive entrepreneur, explains what leads people to become changemakers


He has done a lot for the youth of our country by giving wings to them in fulfilling their dreams in sports.

Nowadays, anybody and everybody wants to become a part of the vast entrepreneurial world. An increasing number of people, especially youngsters, have entered the field and have tried to exceed their own expectations and benchmarks set by the already established names of the entrepreneurial world. On one side, this is a sight to behold; on the other side, one must also notice that not many have gone ahead in their quest to create an impact in people’s lives. Only a few of them have had the courage and the genuine heart to provide value and opportunities to people through their work. Syed Ali Asgar Razvi’s name tops the list of such young entrepreneurs from Jammu & Kashmir. He has become a changemaker in society, along with being an ace entrepreneur who is sponsoring the youth for their favourite sports.

Below, he shares various things to focus on if one aims to become a changemaker like him in the world.

• Confidence and self-awareness: To first know oneself before one creates a deep impact on others is vital. Syed Ali Asgar Razvi says that people need to gain more knowledge about their own selves and attain enlightenment, which will increase their confidence to make all the difference they want to make.

• Dreaming big: Some do not believe in dreaming big, fearing to fail. However, Syed Ali Asgar Razvi says that to become changemakers, individuals must dream big and go all-out to take out the best versions of themselves and others.

• Reciprocity: The more people give, the more they gain; it is as simple as this, highlights the young entrepreneur. He says people must make deep connections with each other and helping them becomes the changemaker’s superpower. He has been helping the youth by sponsoring their dreams in sports, which has allowed him to build a strong bond and trust with them.

• Communication skills: Aspiring changemakers must work upon their communication and people’s skills as this will help them to fit into different networks and still manage to be themselves.

• Making the efforts: Syed Ali Asgar Razvi says that changemakers do less talking and more working. Since they are concerned with the greater good of people, they go to any extent to provide the best opportunities which can help people in one way or the other.

Syed Ali Asgar Razvi always loved sports and when he saw how other kids lacked the right opportunities, he decided to become a changemaker and started helping the youth to help them play their favourite sport.

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