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Technology has once again proved to be a boon for humans


The year 2020 had been one of shocks and surprises for everyone. The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. We have spent an entire year at homes and could not go anywhere. We were to sit at home and keep ourselves safe. Malls, Temples, Churches, Auditoriums, and Gyms were closed. There were no music concerts or sports matches. All these changes were forced upon us so suddenly that we did not know what to do. When the sports matches were cancelled, many of us were devastated. Despite the crises, we were able to manage ourselves, all because of technology.

Technology played a vital role in keeping us bound to our homes. Companies created many online games to keep people entertained. The lockdown has taken the gaming industry to another level. When people had nothing to do the whole day, they turned to shows and movies, but what if you are bored of that too. Games like Battlegrounds Mobile, free Fire have become a source of amusement and even this is helping people to earn cashlootera rewards. Game enthusiasts took this time to try more games and got better at playing them as well. Even those who could never resonate themselves with games gravitated towards them to keep themselves occupied.

The gaming industry introduced a large heap of simulation games. Even though they could not compare it to the real thing, they were still satisfied that they could at least stay connected to sports in some way. The online and iGaming flourished during the lockdown. The industry has expanded and seen immense growth as compared to other major industries. They also earned a revenue of approximately $180 billion.

People tried games not only out of boredom but also to maintain a constant connection with their friends. Many conducted regular gaming sessions amongst themselves, where they would play and interact with each other. Despite popular belief that online games are addictive and only spoil people, they are a great stress buster to most people. Chances of getting bored of games are less as the number is countless. If you dislike one, you can always try another. There is something for everyone. Technology has given us the chance to interact with each other, even in times like this pandemic.

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