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This 5-Minute Tawa Sandwich Will Satiate All Your Greasy, Creamy Cravings


If there is one thing we adore about sandwiches, it is the room it offers us to be our creative best. Did you know, according to a popular legend, sandwich was invented on a special demand of John Montagu – the 4th Earl of Sandwich – in the 16th century. The English nobility was very fond of gambling. One day, he asked his chef to make him something that does not require him to lift his hands for cutlery, so that he could focus on his card table. And thus, was born our very dear sandwich. As long as you have two slices of bread, some sauces, smears and veggies- you can make the most decadent sandwich. The no-fuss snack has evolved with time and has seen many local variations, one being India’s special tawa sandwich.

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In this recipe video, food vlogger and YouTuber Parul Jain shows us how to make the desi, decadent snack the right way. Made without any cream, cheese or mayonnaise, this creamy sandwich uses ingredients that you can found in any standard Indian kitchen.

For Sauce:
1. Heat salted butter in pan. Let it melt.
2. Add maida, give it a mix on low flame. Add garlic paste and mix again, followed by black pepper powder and salt. Mix on low flame.
3. Add milk gradually and keep mixing on low flame.
4. Now add some malai, (optional) followed by sugar (optional). Mix until you get the perfect creamy consistency. Your sauce is ready. Switch off the gas and transfer it to a bowl.

For sandwich filling:
1. Take your veggies in a bowl, this recipe uses finely chopped green chillies, capsicum, red bell pepper, cabbage and onion. Mix everything, add coriander leaves.
2. Now add the creamy sauce you just prepared.
3. Add salt, pepper as per taste. Mix everything gently. Your filling is ready.

1. Take a slice of bread and spread butter..
2. Now spread pudina chutney.
3. Add the creamy veggie mix and spread nicely. Stack the breads together. Put some butter on top. 
4. Take any pan or tawa. Grease it and let the sandwich roast until the sandwiches are crispy, golden and brown.
Cut the sandwiches and serve hot.

Here is the recipe link of the video. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it.

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