This Cutie Grew Up To Become A Bigg Boss Sensation. Any Guesses? - SARKARI JOB INDIAN

This Cutie Grew Up To Become A Bigg Boss Sensation. Any Guesses?


This Cutie Grew Up To Become A Bigg Boss Sensation. Any Guesses?

A trip down the memory lane with a former Bigg Boss contestant (courtesy rakhisawant2511)


  • She shared a bunch of throwback pics on her Instagram
  • She featured on ‘Bigg Boss 14’ this year
  • She has also been part of ‘Bigg Boss 1’

New Delhi: The now-concluded Bigg Boss 14 house saw an interesting mix of celebrity faces this year. The makers Bigg Boss also brought back a few celebs, who were part of the preceding seasons of the show. Among them was Rakhi Sawant, who became a sensation with her quirky on screen antics on the first ever season of the show Bigg Boss in 2006. The 42-year-old actress model recently shared a bunch of throwback photos on her Instagram, ranging from her childhood memories to her modelling days, in some of which she’s barely recognisable as Rakhi Sawant she is today. Rakhi captioned her album with an emotional note and wrote: “Childhood journey till now. I’m so happy I have seen ups and downs in and life. So happy. Please comment on my childhood pictures.”

Here’s Rakhi Sawant’s journey summed up in an album:

Rakhi Sawant recently featured in headlines when she posted a video of her mother, thanking recurrent Bigg Boss host Salman Khan for helping out with her medical bills: “Salman ji, thank you beta. Sohail ji, thank you. Yeh joh abhi mera chemo chal raha hai, main abhi hospital mein hoon. Abhi do baaki hai, uske baad operation hoga.” Rakhi Sawant’s mother also showered Salman Khan with blessings and best wishes for his helpful gesture.

Rakhi Sawant entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as a challenger this season. At the finale episode on February 21, she left the show with a sum of Rs 14 lakh, which was deducted from the winner’s amount during a task earlier. After her exit from the show, Rakhi Sawant said she would use the money for her mother’s treatment.


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