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This Restaurant-Style Seekh Kabab And Cheese Sandwich Is A Perfect Evening Pick-Me-Up


It is not easy to spend the time between lunch and dinner without thinking about food. It is just a very long duration of time, and the pretty food pictures and videos on the internet make the wait even more miserable sometimes. Imagine ogling at a video of perfect baked chicken for hours and having to settle with two butter cookies for snacks? Such a travesty, right? This is why, it is always a good idea to keep your pantry stocked with some essentials like cheese and meat, that you can use to rustle up a quick snack anytime, anywhere. This seekh kabab and mozzarella sandwich is a fine example.

This sandwich that looks like a hot dog is a dream come true for all meat lovers. Sausages have been replaced by our humble seekh kebabs. Seekh kebab, for the uninitiated, is a meaty snack made with minced meat that is skewered together and cooked in tandoor. You can find seekh kebabs in any meat shop; all you have to do is heat it before cooking.

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Kebabs are mostly made of meat

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, butter, garlic, onion, vinegar and paprika or red chilli flakes are other elements that make this sandwich even more toothsome.

How To Make Restaurant-Style Seekh Kabab And Cheese Sandwich:

To make this sandwich all you need to is fry seekh kebabs in butter until they turn slightly brown and obtain that perfect glaze. Next, you are supposed to slit the seekh kebab from the top and stuff it with grated cheese. Now fry some diced onions in the butter, add salt, vinegar & paprika and fry until translucent. Slit the bun in half, apply butter and grill until it’s golden brown. Place the tomatoes on the bun, put seekh kebab and onions, and grate cheese over the sandwich. Grill the sandwich until cheese melts. Serve with chips & salad.

hot dogs

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Sounds like a piece of cake right! We told you, this sandwich is just ideal for all times.

Try this deliciously loaded sandwich at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. Here’s the detailed recipe for Seekh Kabab And Cheese Sandwich. Also, don’t forget to share all the recipes that are keeping you hooked on this lockdown.  

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