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Tried Mango Lassi Ice Cream? Make Most Of Mangoes With This Summer-y Delight


The mango-season is here, and we just can’t keep calm! It is that time of the year when our fruit baskets are loaded with mangoes, and we make sure that we never run out of stock. And if you are anything like us, then you too love making the most of this sweet and delicious fruit. We have it raw, add it to our kheer, raita, cake et al. We also make yummy chutneys and achar with mangoes and have them with almost every meal. Be it raw or ripe, we just love getting creative with mangoes and experimenting various unique dishes. Take mango lassi ice cream for instance. Yes, you absolutely read it right.

We found a ‘cool’ recipe that may help up your cooking game seamlessly. Here, we elevate the goodness of the already delicious mango lassi and give a completely new character to it. Sounds interesting, right? And what makes it yet more interesting is the fact that the recipe includes just three ingredients – mango, curd and honey. You may add some cardamom powder for the flavour. That’s it, and you can directly dive into the preparation. All you need to do is prepare a thick and creamy lassi and store it. Check out the recipe here.

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How To Make Mango Ice Cream Lassi | Mango Ice Cream Lassi:

Step 1. Chop the mangoes and add it to a blender.

Step 2. Add curd to it.

Step 3. Add cardamom powder, honey and blend. A thick and delicious lassi is ready in no time.

Step 4. Now, take an ice-cream mould and add the lassi to it and refrigerate overnight.

And cool and creamy mango lassi ice cream is ready without any struggle. Like it? Now, get hold of the ingredients and try it at home. And do not forget to tell us, how you like it.

Watch the detailed recipe video in the header.

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