Video | Watch: "Making Profit, But Not Enough To Reinvest," Says Adar Poonawalla - SARKARI JOB INDIAN

Video | Watch: “Making Profit, But Not Enough To Reinvest,” Says Adar Poonawalla



The Serum Institute – makers of the Covishield vaccine – needs around Rs 3,000 crore to scale up production, CEO Adar Poonawalla told NDTV. “We are supplying the vaccine in the Indian market at approximately Rs 150-160. The average price of the vaccine is approximately $20 (Rs 1,500)… because of the Modi government’s request, we are providing vaccines at subsidised rates… It is not that we are not making profits… but we are not making a super profit, which is key to re-investing,” Mr Poonawalla told NDTV.


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