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Viral alert! Land rises above water in Haryana, here’s what we know


New Delhi: In a viral video that has caught the attention of the netizens, a land in Haryana can be seen suddenly rising above the water. The clip, shared on the Facebook page of Jagat Vani, has garnered over 4.3 million views. 

The undated video shows a cracked ground, submerged in water, suddenly uplifting. One of the men asks people to stand back as the land continues to rise a few feet above the water in this shocking clip. Someone can be heard exclaiming, “See this, how the land is rising. This is a new experience.”

Have a look at the video here: 

The video got the netizens talking about the reason behind this occurrence. While someone guessed it could have been due to tectonic activity, another user claimed it was due to methane trapped in the earth. 

“Not really due to tectonic activity, but methane trapped in the earth gets released getting the wet layer to form a bubble, that is what seems to be happening here,” wrote a user. 

Refuting the methane theory, another user wrote, “If this was caused by methane, then this much methane could have caused breathing issues to the people standing and recording…It is unlikely to be methane, but who knows.”


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