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Viral Post: Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik Ditches Plastic Utensils For Stainless Steel


Remember Amy Farrah Fowler from popular American sitcom ‘Big Bang Theory’? The witty nerd neuroscientist made a space in all our hearts with her blunt and quirky nature. The character was played by real life neuroscientist-turned-actor Mayim Bialik, and she has been a popular name ever since. Today, she’s quite the social media influencer and keeps us entertained with her daily life updates and funny posts. Recently, Mayim made the headlines when she announced her decision to ditch all her plasticware and shift to stainless steel utensils. The 45-year-old actor took to Facebook on Thursday (IST) to share two pictures featuring ‘thali’, ‘katori’ and glass made of stainless steel and wrote, “I stopped using plastic years ago because we hippie types are very concerned about the chemicals in plastic.”

“They’re dishwasher safe and made by a small company in Indiana. The way we feed our families and ourselves does matter and I’m so grateful this company exists!” the post further read. Check out the complete post:

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The post went viral in no time, garnering 54k likes, 2.4k comments and 876 shares on Facebook. People appreciated the move and shared what utensils they like using on a daily basis.

“I recently made that same change, I also switched all my tubberware to glass (mason jars) for leftover storage,” wrote one. Another comment read, “I appreciate your post! We live in Indiana and I am pleased to see your plug. My family is HUGE on repurposing and recycling. My daughter did her 8th grade community project on less waste. She and friends convinced local restaurants to use plastic free products when not using reusable items. Small impact, but growth since their initiative 3 years ago!”

But what grabbed our attention are the comments by some desi internet users. It seems they all went gaga over the post and took the opportunity to point out how using steel thali is a common practice among Indians. These have been in use in every nook and corner in India from ages. Glad to see the others catching up,” read a comment. Another comment read, “The 1.4 billion Indians of the world have already been using stainless steel for generations…but okay, thanks for sharing.”

“I am an Indian and we Indians only use stainless steel utensils. You will find them in every kitchen here, and different varieties of utensils for cooking, for storage, for serving, for eating. It’s a very economical choice,” a third comment read.

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