Viral Video: ‘Going To Buy Sweets’ – Man Steps Out With Sign Around Neck Amidst Bengal Lockdown


Bengalis and their immense love for sweets (mishti) is no secret to the world. It plays a significant role in their food culture and makes a part of their everyday meal. Ask any Bengali, dinner to them just seems incomplete without a ‘rasogolla’ or ‘sandesh’ on their plate. But a man from West Bengal recently took this love for sweets to the next level. We recently came across a hilarious video that featured a middle-aged man venturing out a unique solution amidst the ongoing lockdown in Bengal just to buy sweets.

As per the lockdown rules, the sweet shops in Bengal are allowed to operate from 10 am to 5 pm; which implies, he was possibly not breaking the rules. But to avoid brouhaha, he wore a placard around his neck that read ‘going to buy sweets’ in Bengali.

In the video, one can see this man, wearing a mask and placard, walking down the sidewalk when traffic police stopped him to question. The man in no time took the placard in hand and stated, “Mishti kinte jachi (going to buy sweets). It seems, even during the lockdown, this man his priorities set!

The video went viral on social media with people sharing and re-sharing it. Check the funny video here:

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This particular video received 28.4k views and hundreds of comments. Twitter users also left their witty comments on video (reshared via multiple handles. While some said, “This can happen only in West Bengal,” others laughed their hearts out to this one-of-a-kind antic.

Check out some of the funny tweets:

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