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Viral Video: Man Body-Slams Robber Who Held Him At Gunpoint


Viral Video: Man Body-Slams Robber Who Held Him At Gunpoint

A man was filmed body-slamming a would-be robber in California.

A video going viral on social media shows a would-be robber getting body slammed by the person he was trying to rob. The video from San Leandro, California begins with a man walking up to his car. Just as he is about to unlock his vehicle, two men with a gun run up to him. What happens next is truly unexpected. The intended victim of the robbery surprises the attackers by picking one of them off the ground and body-slamming him on the road. He is seen punching the robber as his accomplice flees and watches the drama unfold from a distance.

The gun is thrown off the robber’s hand and falls to the road. The accomplice appears too stunned to even react to the situation. As soon as the robber is pinned to the ground, he can be heard begging to be let go. Crying, he says, “Okay, okay…alright! Let me go!” The second man is also heard saying, “Hey, let him go!”

The man finally lets the robber go, who makes a dash for it with his seemingly petrified accomplice. The video posted on Instagram by user @davenewworld gained a lot of attention from social media users. The video was captioned, “Armed robbery in California doesn’t go as planned”. Most viewers were thoroughly impressed by the man’s quick instinct and self-defence skills.

Take a look at the post.

The video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times on Instagram.

Praising the brave man, one user wrote, “Well damn, Captain America”. Seconding this, another commented said, “Bravo, well handled.” “Old school drop. Well handled,” read another comment.
Needless to say, the two robbers become the laughing stock of social media. One said, “He could probably tell how scared they were. They’re just babies acting tough.” Another user said, “Now this hilarious,” followed by laughing emojis.

This is not the first time robbers have been tackled by an apparently harmless suspect. In one such incident last year, robbers in the UK were left embarrassed after they were fought off by a 77-year-old outside an ATM.

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