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Viral Video Of ‘Dancing Pheras’ At Wedding Divides Twitter


Viral Video Of 'Dancing Pheras' At Wedding Divides Twitter

A bride and groom were filmed dancing during their wedding pheras.

An undated video of a bride and groom dancing during their phera ceremony has divided the Internet. The video was shared on Twitter by Vedant Birla, Chairman And MD of Birla Precision Technologies, who criticised it as disrespectful.  

The ritual of taking pheras or circles around a sacred fire is an important feature of Hindu weddings. During this wedding ritual, the bride and groom walk around the fire seven times while a priest recites prayers. 

In the video shared by Mr Birla, the bride and groom were seen dancing during the phera ceremony as guests cheered them on.

“Is this a wedding or the sacrifice of our traditional values?” wrote Mr Birla in Hindi while sharing the clip. “Don’t forget that if you are worth anything in this world it is because of your culture and values,” he added. 

The footage has gone viral with more than 4.2 lakh views on Twitter, along with 2,000 comments. It has sparked a heated debate on the microblogging platform. Many Twitter users criticised the couple for dancing during a wedding ritual, saying that their actions were “disgusting” and “disrespectful”.

However, others were of the opinion that the bride and groom did nothing wrong. 

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