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Viral: Video Of Gwalior Stall Serving Poha In Leaf Plates Impresses Internet


Indian street food has no bounds when it comes to creativity and a recent storm of viral videos have proved it quite a lot. Right from sand potatoes to flying vada pav or dosa, we’ve seen many unique ones yet it seems like there’s still a lot more to the Indian street food than just that. In the latest video that has been going viral on the internet, the classic Indian breakfast Poha is served in an impressive, eco-friendly way and has caught the eye of many!

Gwalior’s famous Panwadi Poha, one of the most popular places in town, has left the internet impressed with their environmental-friendly way of serving the popular Indian breakfast – in a leaf plate (pattal in Hindi). Moving away from the usual plastic plates that most of the street food vendors use, this Gwalior stall is not just dishing out scrumptious poha of about 1000-1100 servings a day but is also super sustainable and reasonable.

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In the video by Aamchi Mumbai, the owner of Panwadi Poha Centre at Inderganj chowk in Gwalior, also revealed how they used to also deliver the poha on the sets of the movie ‘Lukka Chuppi’ for the actors and director while they were in the city for the shoot, and that the shop can also be seen in the movie, starring Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan!

The busy shop operates from 7 am till 10:30 am and sells a plate of poha for just INR 20! The wholesome dish is heavily loaded with onion, roasted peanuts, lemon juice and sev on top, and is served hot with fresh flavours of garam masala. Take a look at the video with about 933,276 views on Youtube alone!

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Above everything, it is the ‘donne patta’ in which the poha is served that impressed the viewers as many appreciated the small yet notable move by the street food vendor towards the environment. “So hygienically prepared and sustainable with leaf packaging”, commented a user.

What do you think about this sustainable move by the Gwalior stall? Let us know in the comments section below!

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