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Voyage Acquired By GM’s Cruise 


This hints at Voyage technology being integrated with Cruise’s Origin EV which is a self-driving vehicle with no manual steering controls.

Cruise's development with accelerate with the integration of Voyage

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Cruise’s development with accelerate with the integration of Voyage
Self-driving start-up Voyage has been acquired by GM’s subsidiary Cruise which also has a huge focus on autonomous driving. Voyage had been largely focussed on self-driving technologies for transporting senior citizens around their communities. Voyage will combine its previous research with Cruise which has massive resources by virtue of being one of the most well-capitalised self-driving startups going around apart from Google’s Waymo. 

Voyage was founded in 2016 when it was spun out of Udacity. It started off by attempting to make an open-source self-driving car. Then it pivoted to making something that had the most advanced technology and finally, it pivoted towards making a specialised solution serving senior citizens. 


Voyage has already created three generations of robotaxis but now this will be combined with Cruise which is also in the early days of developing robotaxis. Voyage’s self-driving AI, commander, its collision avoidance system, shield, and tele assist; its remote assistance system will be integrated into Cruise’s platforms. 

Cruise has been around for a while since 2013. Then in 2016, it was acquired by GM. By virtue of this merger, Cruise got access to a fleet of Chevy Bolt EVs to develop autonomous prototypes. 

This has led to Cruise raising further money from Honda, Microsoft, and a bunch of institutional investors. In the last two years alone, Cruise has raised almost $4 billion. 



The new Super Cruise interface will debut with the Bolt EUV

“Cruise’s deep partnerships with GM and Honda deliver the crucial engineering, manufacturing, and safety expertise required to scale a handful of self-driving vehicles to millions and do so with unrivalled cost efficiencies,” said Voyage CEO Oliver Cameron. 

“I am thrilled that key members of our Voyage team—particularly those who worked on our third-generation robotaxi—will be able to use their extensive experience in vehicle development to put their stamp on the Cruise Origin, delivering a better and safer future for our roadways,” he added. 

This hints at Voyage technology being integrated with Cruise’s upcoming Origin EV which is a purpose-built self-driving vehicle with no manual steering controls. It is a car that has been designed for ride-sharing purposes. 



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