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Watch How A Little Bit Of Ingenuity Can Work Wonders In Life


Watch How A Little Bit Of Ingenuity Can Work Wonders In Life

One man’s hack to transport bricks is winning praise on social media.

In business, maintaining status quo is death. In life, it is boredom. Disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, a number of businesses adapted to what we are now calling the “new normal” and changed their work culture to let employees work from home, in the process allowing themselves a breathing space to co-opt to the rapidly changing dynamics. Innovating, when faced with challenges, is intrinsic to humankind: We always strive to make ourselves comfortable with the new or what was previously unknown to us.

Business leaders sit in meetings and brainstorm to find the next “big idea” that will make their work enterprising and assist them in easing lives. However, not all innovation requires brainstorming sessions, big budgets or extensive market research. A little amount of ingenuity and open-mindedness is enough to fire up imagination. The Internet is filled with videos of people using their creative geniuses to ease their work and life.

This video shared by Anthony James, the CEO of Innovation and Growth at the Sydney-based Trinity Consulting Services and one of LinkedIn’s most awarded influencers, showed an Indian man putting a creative spin to how he would sort fruits based on their size. He put two iron rods on carton boxes and slightly spread out the rods towards one end to let the fruits drop into the boxes based on their size.

A similar video of a girl sorting lemons using the same idea.

In another video, a man is seen making use of bamboo and a tyre tube to reduce manpower requirement to carry bricks to another location. Nearly 25,000 people have appreciated the man’s innovation at work.

“Think smarter, not harder,” a LinkedIn user named Amr Mostafa Eltahlawy commented on the post.

Neter Raina said, “Fantastic idea to save time and labour”.

Check out some more similar videos below:

Thomas Edison once said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” Do you have any such idea that can actually leave us spellbound, and make our lives easier and better?

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