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Watch: Make Restaurant-Style Biryani Raita At Home With This Instant Recipe


Think indulgence and you are bound to think of Biryani. The rice dish may not have Indian origins, but the way India has made it its own is something we are all too proud of. From Hyderabadi biryani to Kolkata Biryani, Lucknow Biryani, there are many variants of biryani for all kinds of palate. Biryani is essentially a rice dish that is made with combination of meat and spices. The layered dish can be made in a cooker, pan or an earthen pot in dum-style. Biryani could be kacchi where the chicken and the rice are cooked separately or pakki where both the components are cooked together. But no matter which style of biryani you are having, you have to have the right accompaniments for the best experience. Raita, for the longest-time, has been that trusted side-dish for a plateful of biryani. Raita is a yogurt-based dish made with mixing yogurt with a bunch of fresh veggies, herbs and spices. It helps off-set the hotness of biryani. But that’s not all. We love raita for the room it gives us to experiment. You can dunk just about anything to your raita, with the right amount of spices and herbs, it is going to taste just as brilliant. 

In this recipe video, food vlogger Parul schools us how to make raita, restaurant-style! 

1. Take medium sized onion and chop it finely.  

2. Transfer the onion to a bowl.  

3. Next, deseed a tomato and chop it finely. 

4. Transfer tomato in the same bowl, followed by grated carrots (optional). You can also replace carrots with chopped cucumber  

5. Add finely chopped coriander powder, finely chopped chillies.  

6. Now it is time to add roasted cumin powder, salt and black salt. 

7. Add a little bit of sugar, this prevents your curd from getting sour soon.  

8. Finally add fresh curd. Make sure the curd is fresh for best experience. 

9. Mix everything gently. Your raita is ready.  

Here is the recipe video of Biryani raita by Parul:

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