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Watch: Monkey Enjoys A Feast At Delhi Airport. Old Video Is Viral


A monkey was spotted inside the Delhi airport in 2018.

A recently-released video shows a monkey enjoying food samples at Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. The video was taken in 2018, when the primate had taken up temporary residence inside the airport. The clip, just over a minute long, shows the monkey sitting on the food counter inside the airport’s Air India lounge and hopping from one delicious treat to the next.

Although the incident occurred in March 2018, the video was released by ViralHog recently. It was taken by Jenna Curtis, an international tourist who, at that time, was on a business trip to India. 

“I was on a business trip in India, and had a layover in Delhi so I was waiting for the next flight in the Air India lounge,” Ms Curtis was quoted as saying by ViralHog. “I went to get some water from the fridge, and when I turned around I was shocked to see a giant monkey sitting there helping itself to all the food.”

Ms Curtis said the monkey moved from dish to dish, sampling everything along the way. In the end, it made off with a banana. 

Her video shows the monkey sitting on a counter and eating something. After a couple of bites, it unceremoniously abandons the food item and grabs another handful from the dish placed in front of it. The monkey then hops to other counters and repeats the same routine as stunned onlookers laugh at its brazenness. 

In March 2018, a monkey had taken up residence inside Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, reports The New Indian Express. “The monkey was spotted… roaming in the area which has premium business-class lounges, Premium Plaza etc. He somehow managed to get food also, but finally, the monkey was tranqullized by government officials and taken away from the IGI airport on Tuesday around 12.30 pm,” an airport official said.

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