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Watch: This Easy, Cheesy White Sauce Pasta Recipe Is What We Are Obsessed With Today!


Let us tell you a secret, no matter big or small the cafe is, if they have white sauce pasta on their menu, it is almost always safe to go for it. And if they cannot do pasta right, well then, it is highly unlikely for them to get anything ‘right’. It is a harsh rule we agree, but given how easy it is to make white sauce pasta, it is only fair. Boiled pasta tossed in a velvety white sauce made with maida, milk, butter, peppers and veggies – white sauce pasta is that comfort food that never disappoints. Add to it the goodness of cheese and you have a winner!

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This white sauce pasta recipe is bursting with oodles of cheese and is sure to be a hit among all ages, alike. The recipe uses very common and easily available ingredients like boiled pasta, milk, grated cheese, chilli flakes, salt, pepper, butter, maida, nutmeg powder, oregano.

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Pasta is super easy to make and is always a treat


Here’s what you would be required to do:

1. In a pan, heat butter. Let it melt.
2. Add maida, keep the flame low-to-medium.
3. Add milk in batches, keep stirring gradually so that no lumps are formed. Repeat till you add all milk and get a smooth sauce.
4. Add salt, black pepper powder, nutmeg powder, oregano, red chilli flakes.
5. Throw in the grated cheese.
6. Cook for 2-3 minutes.
7. Add cream, mix well. This adds more richness to your pasta. You can skip cream too if you want too.
8. Add boiled pasta, and grate more cheese on top (there is no such thing as too much cheese).
9. Mix everything well, make sure there is no lump formation at any stage.
10. Your pasta is done. Serve hot with a sprinkling of oregano.


You can also add more elements to your pasta, veggies like broccoli, bell peppers add a nice crunch, mushrooms lend it a beautiful texture too.

You can watch the video in the header section for the detailed recipe with all ingredients. Try the recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.

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