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Watch: You May Have To Do This If You Violate Lockdown In This City


Watch: You May Have To Do This If You Violate Lockdown In This City

Lockdown violators in Haryana’s Ambala were made to do sit-ups on the road.

Ambala: The police in Haryana’s Ambala city had to resort to punishing people after they continued to step outside their homes without valid reasons. Those violating the week-long lockdown imposed by the Haryana government across the state to contain the spread of COVID-19 were made to do sit-ups on the street by the police department.

A video of the incident was shared on social media by the news agency ANI. It shows nearly 20 violators doing sit-ups and saying, “Hum log lockdown ka paalan karenge (We will follow lockdown guidelines).”

A police official then prods them to say it loudly.

Most people in the video appeared to be those who were out on a morning walk. A few Twitter users agreed with the punishment measure but some others raised questions about how effective it could be. A Twitter user, named Amitabh Kishore, asked whether morning walks were not allowed during the lockdown.

Another user, who identified himself as Rajiv, asked why punishment is reserved only for common people and not politicians.

The Haryana government imposed a strict lockdown across the state beginning May 3 to curb an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases. The lockdown will remain effective till May 10 (5 am). On Sunday, a day before the lockdown came into effect, the state recorded 145 deaths – the highest death count in 24 hours for Haryana – due to coronavirus.

To ensure that essential services are not hampered, the state government has allowed people associated with such services to travel. Its guidelines said that vaccination centres, banks, ATMs, and healthcare and associated medical services will remain functional during the lockdown. The government has also allowed the supply chain of essential goods and e-commerce companies to operate. But all these services must ensure strict social distancing norms and take other precautions against Covid.

The guidelines said buses, taxis, private cabs and railways will continue to operate but with prescribed restrictions.

Haryana is the latest in a string of states that have imposed either a partial or complete lockdown to curb the unprecedented rise in COVID-19 cases. Other states include West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha and Uttarakhand.

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