FIFA World Cup 2022 Points Table – Group A to H Team Standings

FIFA World Cup 2022 Points Table: The FIFA World Cup, which Qatar is hosting, will begin today, November 20, 2022.

There will be 32 participating teams, and there will be 64 matches between them.

All of the teams competing in this largest football competition have been split up into eight groups of four.

On December 18, 2022, the World Cup's championship game will also be contested.

A total of 440 million US dollars will be awarded in prizes for organising the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

In this case, the winning World Cup team will get 42 million US dollars, an increase of $4 million from the previous World Cup.

Each participating FIFA World Cup team will receive a check for 1.5 million US dollars.

Please refer to the chart below for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Points Table that we are sharing.

FIFA World Cup Points Table for 2022