Ryan Reynolds: I learned about musicals from Hugh Jackman.

Ryan Reynolds discusses the tips The Greatest Showman taught him for his musical performance in Spirited and discusses Deadpool's holiday plans.

When a new A Christmas Carol film is released, the holiday season is just around the corner.

Spirited, starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, is the movie of the year (and already the king of Christmas films thanks to Elf).

Spirited gives the Charles Dickens classic a contemporary and musical twist. The main issue was that none of its stars are natural singers or dancers.

Ryan Reynolds was fortunate to have a man at his disposal.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have a semblance of a bromance. In a recently circulated video,

the duo announced that Jackman would reprise the legendary role of Wolverine in a future Deadpool movie. But he also played The Greatest Showman in another legendary role. So who would be a better person to consult?

Reynolds remarks, "In a strange way, Hugh's assisting was not helping because it comes so effortlessly to him.