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When doctors suggested Sunil Dutt to kill Nargis, want to know what happened next?


New Delhi: Nargis-Sunil Dutt’s love story was one of the greatest real life romances of Hindi cinema. Industry’s power-couple was deeply in love and always supported each other in their tough times. 

When Nargis and Sunil Dutt first met on the sets of Balraj Sahni’s ‘Do Bigha Zameen’, Duttsaab was a student and an aspiring actor but Nargis was already an established actor. But that wasn’t the turning point of their lives. Things changed between them when they starred as mother and son in Mehboob Khan’s 1957 classic, ‘Mother India’. The film was a blockbuster hit and that was the time when the duo decided to settle down together. 

Sunil Dutt was so much in love with Nargis that he got nervous whenever he used to see her infront of her. 

Things were going fine in their married life, until one day, when the news of Nargis’ suffering from cancer came out in public domain. This news shattered Sunil completely. But he was not ready to accept it and so he took Nargis to abroad for better treatment and her chemotherapy started. The process was a painful one and due to which Nargis went into coma.

Doctors gave up upon her but it was Sunil Dutt, who believed that his beloved wife will be fine again and so he kept the treatment going. A time came, when the doctors advised Duttsaab to remove her from life support and to allow her sleep peacefully forever but the actor wasn’t ready for it and continued his prayers to save his wife. 

Finally, a day came in their lives when the family was happy again as Nargis came out of coma and started recovering. It was the time when their son Sanjay Dutt’s Bollywood debut ‘Rocky’ was about to hit the screens. Nargis wished to see her son’s movie and so all the arrangements were made for her.

But seems like God has some other plan for the family, Dutt’s wife and legendary star Nargis breathed her last on May 3, 1981. She died three days before son Sanjay’s Bollywood debut. After her death, Sunil was completely shattered and his world came to a standstill. 



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