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‘Where is leadership and planning?’: Priyanka Gandhi questions PM Narendra Modi’s COVID strategy


New Delhi: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday (April 21) questioned the Central government on its response to the rapidly rising COVID-19 infections in the country. The congress leader accused the government of lack of planning to handle the COVID-19 crisis. 

While talking to a news agency, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra questioned, “Where is the leadership? Where is the planning? Why are we short of facilities? Where is the money from the PM fund being used?”

The congress leader also added that when the whole nation is in crisis, the prominent political leaders and decision makers of the country are holding the rallies. “It’s shocking when the country is crying, PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah are laughing in campaigns,” she said.

“The government’s response has been extremely disappointing. The Prime Minister is still continuing with his election campaign while people are battling against the worst wave of COVID yet. At a time when the government should be focusing completely on fighting the catastrophic situation unfolding all around us, it appears to be practically absent,” she alleged.

The Congress general secretary alleged that the government ignored the citizens of India. The “forward-thinking governance” in India for the last 70 years had enabled the nation to become the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world, but this government “prioritised overseas PR and self-promotion over Indian lives.”

While emphasising that this is the moment when the entire nation needs to stand together, Congress leader hit out at Central government for their reply to former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s earnest recommendations.

“Manmohan Singh ji was Prime Minister for 10 years. Everyone knows how dignified a person he is. If he is giving suggestions…then suggestions should be taken up with the same dignity with which they were offered,” she said, asking that if opposition leaders do not raise their voice, who will.

Meanwhile, India on Wednesday recorded 2,95,041 new coronavirus cases and 2,023 deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest ever since the pandemic broke out.

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