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Which mask to wear for maximum protection against COVID? Here’s the answer


New Delhi: Latest findings from a study conducted by the international medical journal The Lancet have shown that the Sars-Cov-2 or the novel coronavirus is predominantly an airborne disease and hence the disease particles can be suspended in the air.

This has caused a lot of worry as earlier there was a huge emphasis on surface sanitization – which is hardly responsible for the transmission of COVID-19.

Addressing peoples questions, Dr Faheem Younus, MD and the Chief of Infectious Diseases took to his Twitter on Saturday (April 17) and in a series of tweets, explained what the Lancet study means and which mask you should wear to protect yourself against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Younus shared an image which dispelled how minuscule exactly are the chances of a person catching COVID-19  from a surface that was exposed to a COVID positive person.  “1 in 10,000 The risk of contracting the coronavirus from touching a contaminated surface.”

He captioned the image, “COVID From Surfaces:  Risk factor —> exceedingly small Fear factor —> exceedingly high”

In another tweet, he explained that being airborne doesn’t mean that open spaces are unsafe.

“Lancet study: “Airborne” does NOT mean outside air is contaminated. It means the virus may remain suspended in the air — typically in indoor settings —and pose a risk Our parks and beaches are still the safest places to enjoy without a mask (provided 6 ft distance),” explained the doctor.

Dr Younus also revealed which mask to wear to best protect ourselves against coronavirus. Asking his followers to ditch cloth masks, he wrote “LANCET STUDY: No worries. We know COVID spreads (droplet to airborne) in a spectrum Solution: Buy two N95 or KN95 masks. Use one today; leave the other in a PAPER bag for tomorrow. Keep alternating every 24 hours. Reuse for weeks if they aren’t damaged Ditch cloth masks”.

The N95 or K95 masks are known to filter 95 percent of aerosol particulates, making them the best masks to opt for in our fight against the coronavirus.

The mask should however be worn properly – that is, covering both the nose and mouth of a person for protection against the virus.



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